Thursday, November 19, 2009


like literally, just that we did not ROFL because we were in Starbucks. We were, however, ROCL, roll on chair laughing for the record.
so yeah, look at the following picture, and tell me if you didnt ROFLMAO. wtf.

image unshyfully stolen from kenny chua.. wtf


Stacy said...

only kk will do such funny stuff. haha. but we so tak maintain laugh.

Joy. said...

Stacy Wong langsung tak maintain la her laugh.
Like man only yesterday wtf.

Lainey said...

oh i miss your/our tak maintain laugh stacy wong aih.

Stacy said...

wtf!!!! joy what is this kinda comment my reputation on the line ok. haha. i miss you laughing wh me dengan tak maintain laine!

kenny said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHA. wtf. i also laugh. but i laugh alone. i make shy laugh also no one to see me make shy.