Sunday, November 8, 2009

i wonder why.

So yesterday, my family and sernliang went for dinner in Logenhouse over in Taipan. I must say, it IS a nice place to go for dinner. Altho i must say, the service isn't exactly great. We waited almost 30-40 minutes for our dinner to be served. The worse part is, they do not come all together! They were serve plate by plate with an interval of about 10-15minutes! So you can imagine how annoyed we were.

Besides that, zzzomg, i think the chef quite cannot make it =.=" They got our steak order all wrong! my brother and I ordered a medium and sernliang ordered a medium well. They all came one as medium well AND well done. so, sernliang was biting on chewing gum quality beef last night. quite kesian. hahah..

yes, the services.

I got a waitress over and asked how was my steak done (i cut the piece into half, revealing the middle part). She loudly and proudly say 'Medium Well.' I looked at her and said 'well, i ordered a medium'. She just looks at me, giving me the 'so' look, instead of offering to take it back and change. Refusing to wait another 40 minutes for my dinner, i just ate the steak anyways. Other than that, the waiters and waitress there are VERY VERY eager to clean your table. The moment you have your cutleries down to take a rest, they will come and ask if they can take the plate away. regardless if there was any food left on the plate! In other words, you cannot stop eating! unless of coz, you wouldn't mind being pestered by these servers asking to take your plate away.

Well, apart from the slow service they offer, they DO however, have ONE fast service. That is when you asked for the bill. They come right away.


ezralimm said...

alcorus' shine is a song i'll be adding to my collection =)

Stacy said...

why so stupid that restaurant

oh like a few years ago i wen there got this totally hot waiter... im assuming hes not there anymore!

Joy. said...

I wouldn't go to the extent of borrowing that kinda stuff lor even if I was her.
That's quite gross.

And, I memang had that experience the first and last time I went to Logenhaus LOL.
Nothing new there.