Thursday, October 29, 2009

So you see,

NORMALLY, after a breakup, the (ex) couple would try to work things out and at least stay friends.

however, there are just that small percentage of people who would do ANYTHING, including something which i can consider it as harassment! Is this really necessary?

71 missed calls? text messages at 2.30am UNTIL 6.15am?

and then, start condemning other people for what YOU have done. *sigh*

is this really necessary?


Joy. said...


I hate it when people can't admit their own mistakes. And then, on top of being in denial, they choose to blame everyone else but themselves for what has happened.

Adrian said...

that is a good reason why we have restraining order...

Stacy said...

i guess some people are just don't want to be blamed and they are just plain twisted. They don't to look like tht bad guy which originally who they are wtf

too much drama wei

kat said...

you got that right.... too much drama.