Sunday, October 25, 2009

In a way,

as much as i dread the exams, i cant wait for November! :D

Greatest November highlights.
  • Taking my FINAL FINAL FINAL paper in Monash, and *hopefully**crosses finger* leaves Monash for good
  • Anniversary :D
  • and reasons below...

19November, A Christmas Carol

27November, NEW MOON! :D

And many many more la! but those will be in December already. THE BEST PART IS, NO NICE MOVIES ARE RELEASED DURING THE EXAM PERIOD! zzzomg.. this has never happened before. ooh rejoice! :D


Stacy said...

yeala coz the world is telling you to study wtf wtf

Joy. said...

Stacy Wong took the words right out of my mouth wtf.

petit hummer said...

can't wait for new moon! I'm such a hopeless romantic... :S