Monday, September 28, 2009

my neighbour have some not so bright visitor!

So, I was starting up the car, warming the engine up while mum was reversing out of the house with the other car.

She then stopped the car and started honking. Dad and I wondered what happen, if she needed something and was too lazy to get down the car to take. I approached nearer to her, only to notice that a CRV was parked outside our house, with no one inside. Mum proceeded with more honking, and yes, i jumped and my heart skipped a beat.
I walked out to the CRV and stood there, trying to get the owner's attention and at the same time, very much tempted to leave a note saying 'please do not block our gate' with the keys in my hands.

more honking, and after 5 minutes, a lady then ran out from the house opposite mine. she apologized out loud 'soli soli' giggled and drove her car 2 houses away from mine, allowing us to move our cars out.

She parked her car 2 houses away from mine, blocking another neighbor's gate. So my question is, why cant she just park outside the gate of the person that she is visiting? There was no car parked in front of the house..

I guess some people are just not that bright.


Adrian said...

rent a rubbish truck and park in from of the fella's gate...

Stacy said...

haha i agree with adrian!
the car so incosiderate