Monday, September 21, 2009

Here it is :)

I bet there are some questions raised about the password-protect posts.

Blogs are public, I understand. No doubt about it that I enjoy sharing some of my experiences, opinion and thoughts with my friends and readers. However, some readers used the information I share on my blog for the wrong purposes!

I'm not getting sued or watsoever.

I just do not like being misunderstood! Some of these readers tend to 'share' my posts with elaborated extras, causing hugeeee misunderstanding not only with me, but with everyone else around me! seriously, grow up!

So here it is

msn,email or contact me for password :)


sernliang said...

yeah beh tahan all those bitches LOL

to bitches,

please get a life.


Joy. said...

What the hell.
Why that person so like that.
She needs to get a life.
Maybe she too jealous of you that's why.

sueann said...

SL: Yeah laa.. seriously rite..

joy: in the 'person' defense, got guy AND girl! seriously.. tsk tsk tsk

Lainey said...

yeah, because they have mundane boring lifes. so got nothing better to talk about but to exaggerate on other ppl's life. they have such sad lifes. i kesian them, really.

twinbuzz said...

I want password!! Don't deprive me of reading blog entries =(
Btw, how are you? =D

Ooi said...

fuah all the drama rama all, what's been happening lol

Stacy said...

wtf i neva see you for less then a week so much drama mama!
password please...