Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still alive :)

Rumor has it that Monash is now contaminated with 2 cases of H1N1. so, whoever of you all that has been in contact with me, go check up la k.

I’m down with common cold, other than that Im perfectly healthy :)

So, in order to thank me for picking him from the airport, i was rewarded with lots and lots of Frutips and a Korean dinner!

well, you gotta know, that it is not everyday that SL actually WANTS to go for Korean food :)

and yet again, we ordered wayyyyyyyyy too much for the both of us to finish. by the time we’re done, we’re stuffed!

Green Room at Zouk

the guys

cam whoring 101 :)

he got the kissy sticker.

Carol and I

the couple that we hang out with EVERY weekend without fail , well, almost without fail.:)



Hotel Maya'

Elevator down to car park

a blurred favourite :)

and now, preparation for Robotics class tmr. *curses*

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Stacy said...

ohhh i like the kissy sticker. so sl to pose with it. haha.