Friday, August 14, 2009

Because we can


because we can can-can!!

Just because we really can! :)

my cutest youngest baby cousin, Jun Hong. he’s like so cute and chubby and oh-so-adorable and glutton and lovable lil baby….
Isn’t he just so cuteeeeeeeeeeee…

And because we have super strong bonds love for each other, we can do this!

IMG_2877 at 10am.

Not technically, but this IS a record setter!

It’s not everyday you get Joy and Sue in the mall BEFORE the shops opens as most the time they are there UNTIL or AFTER the shops closes.

So yeah :)

scan0001 copy
I love her so much because she came and pick me up from uni at 10am *sharp*

scan0002 copy
and teman me to look for Dettol hand sanitizer (because the other brands are either rubbish or a rip-off *cough*Brauns Softaman*cough*)

because she promptly agreed when i said ‘Let’s go take sticker pictures’

scan0003 copy because we can go from maintain

scan0005 copy to not so maintain in just a blink of an eye

scan0006 copy because we’re angels in disguise

scan0004 copyand finally, because we blowupsnails,throwfirecrackersatcats, skipschooltoplaycs, skipschooljustbecausewewanttochillatherhouseandwatchspongebob and just because we can :)

To 10 years and counting :)

Oh and i forgot. We got offered to buy something quite embarrassing. maybe the sales lady noticed that we not as Legendary like Stacy... so shy, we layan and smile smile then faster pay and leave the shop. wtf


Joy. said...

I flattered. I wave.
But, ohmaigawshwhyyouannounceontheworldwidewebournot-so-innocentchildhood wtf.
Since you told some already, why stop there?
We also told the teacher we go to staff room and help her take books but then we never come back until the period ends. And we also climb bukit in desperation because they didnt have proper stairs and doors as a back gate so we had to go through wire fences which I helped to cut a whole in when they change to new one wtf.
I put my PIBG money to good use.

Oh, and Spongebob Squarepants is also 10 yrs old this year! We are as old as that yellow bugger!
*sings It's The Best Day Ever~!*

"Help, I’m drowning, I’ve got butt cramps, I want ice cream, and now it’s dark!"
[Courtesy of Patrick Starfish, the awesomest citizen of Bikini Bottom.]


Okay, now I go do mask so I can superultimatetransform into a glowfish wtf.

sueann said...


i almost forgot about the part where we were almost suspended from school but our dads talked the teacher into not suspending us but make us do community service instead because if we were suspended we will be spending hours on the phone!!

i also almost forgot about our baju kurung that's always torn at the joints (i cant remember why) and we play cards in Bangunan D where it is empty in the afternoon because i think it's abandoned.

i also almost forgot about the part where we play football with the guys and the ustazah come and halau us from the field because we were mingling too close to the guys wtf..


i love you toooooooo...

*sings spongebob's - You dont need a plane to fly*

Joy. said...

Ya la. We were sitting outside the office thinking, "YES LA, HOLIDAY WHEN ITS ACTUALLY NOT A HOLIDAY." Mana tau our dads pakat to kenakan us wtf. Make us draw mural wtfwtfwtf.

Torn at the side cuz we always run everywhere la. Or wear track pants inside then we sit like man. So tak ladylike wtf.

Damn stupid la don't let us play football with the guys. Not like we are anything close to Stacy Wong pffffbbbtttt.

Shannel said...

Both of you so layan sendiri. wtf.

But you both also make me look like angel during high school. MY worst caught crime in school was bring a mobile phone. wtf. and when I do skip class I hide in computer lab cause got air-conditioner. you guys legend... go cut holes through fencing.

I feel like I've never experienced high school. wtf. Maybe I should've watched Spongebob too.

It's 9:55am and no doubt the stores are still close but I love you both very much. I don't know how the time, the stores' opening time is relevent to how much I love you girls.. but for now, just take it la.

Joy. said...

Shannel, I TAKE I TAKE.
It doesn't have to make sense because our love for each other is awesome like that.

Anyway, we weren't CHEER CAPTAIN like you were. You ladylike you pass =D


kenny said...

yea both of you so layan each other when the post is about the two of you wtf.

OHH i remember those bukits.
ohh i remember those lubang in the fence.
ohhhh i remember bangunan D.
oh i remember the mak cik canteen when i beli makanan she sing song "apam bola... dunno what dunno what apam bola".. then i say "tak mau.. mau wantan goreng"

WHY smkss17 so onz? i quite like it. quite miss it.
miss the ustazah wtf.

AHAHAH.. superultimatetransform to glowfish!

AND YOHHHHHHHHH.. what u all shy shy pay and ninja away with? why stacy's legends so topic hangat hangus bakar?

why i so bored right now?
why the weather outside so nice i stuck inside studying?
why my leg itchy?

why we all not in NY onz-ing togeder?

why is my verification word inglegy?
why i look up the word in dictionary dont have such thing?

le sigh.

Stacy said...

so shy for you all
why talk crap
layan diri
why alwiz i legend come in i shy for myself

kk misses smkss17
he drunk also talk bout the school
even saying that his name is 4sc1
wtf you shy or not?

sueann said...

joy: yeah la!! so much for the free holiday. then again, the comm service was good too. not like we did anything.. sweep one small corner of the staff room and call it a day.!

shannel: you lady like! thats how girls should be! not constantly have to replace uniform. wtf wtf.. aahaha i take it toooo!! love you toooooooo :D :D

kenny: you random. i dunno how to reply wtf.. hahaha... but those days were so fun! :D

stacy: you legend. it's like written in history and it's unerasable already that you legend.. ahhaha..

Lainey said...

YOH your pictures all so ban cute. ONE DAY I WILL PUT UP MINE AND KK'S TO TANDING WTF. see if i hardworking enough to go uni library to use scanner or not wtf. our sticker picture got comic strip wan ok wtf.

OH i remember the suspension. yohhhhhhhh. haha damn funny. who brought the beer wtf. i pretend dunno but actually we all know who. wtf.

YOHH I ALSO REMEMBER, it was you and joy that taught me how to climb out that hole, and how to go down the hill. now looking at the hill, its damn fucking steep, and we did it in pinafore/kurung.

SO POWER. i admire us. everyone is a legend in the own way. even stacy wtf.

sueann said...

YOHHHHHHH.. elaine..

you made me and joy sound like bad influence to you.. hahaHAHAH.. wtf wtf.

but yeah, we last time damn power, after running down the steep hill, can jump over longkang just in time. we power.

now you put me up there, i slide down on my butt, slowly. wtf wtf...

Joy. said...

Slide down on her butt.

manda. said...

how come everybody got the bukit experience before. quite funny. i also remember that but i dun remember who i did it with wtf. i only remember one time we were doing it in pbsm uniform. then i look up and saw joy's pants got period stain HAHAHAHA wtfwtfwtf.

i remember PJ. we play whatever ball. then i remember one time me and stacy tackling dunno who for the bola. until we fall inside the bushes. then we still rolling around inside there wtf. why we so powerful. then after pj we buy lemon barley from the ice machine wtfwtf. to this day i miss that drink.

kk my leg also itchy. fml so ugly.

oh i remember the beer incident. i was so worried that i got so many ppl into trouble and that i have to tell my dad about it that i fell sick in one afternoon wtf. then after my dad found out about the incident, then he kesian me cause i have fever cause i worry so much, so he act slumber and never scold or punish me.


why i so liddis.

then the history teacher give me counseling. she ask me one question: you regret or not? i say yah. then she say okay bye. counseling session over wtf.

kenwooi said...

haha.. the last time i got myself sticker pictures was in 2004.. long loong time ago! =P