Sunday, July 26, 2009

I believe

That this needs no further elaboration :)



Did you know?

It’s just us girls, being girls :)

I love them :)

There goes her…


Again :( :( :(

Friday, July 24, 2009

whyyyy did i put myself there..

WHYYYYYYY..... *sigh

Should've just stayed with what I'm GOOD at, instead of what's good for me.

I'm stuck in a pit hole and I dont know how to get out..

I've never felt this way bout my decisions before.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sick of Shopping!


I AM!!!

okay, maybe not...

I was at Parkson@Pyramid earlier today with my brother. We were walking around browsing shoes and bags and perfumes. The sales clerks are either TOO persistent or just plain statue-fied!

What's worse, there I was with my brother, looking at the CK bags in the bags department. Just as I was about to pick up one that caught my attention to see how it looks on me, the whole chain of bags fall over, on the table and on the floor. The sales clerks were just standing there, looking at me as tho i'm some kinda idiot and NO ONE CAME to put the bags back into order.


WHY THE HELL would they want to CHAIN ALL THE BAGS together AND HIDE THE DAMN CHAINS! If that's the idea of 'curbing' the theft problem, PUT THE DAMN BAGS INTO GLASS CABINETS LA!

What's worse, the sales clerks just stands around, doing nothing. No one came about offering to unlock the chains to let us have a good look at the bags (without pulling an entire chain of bags from the table).

We walked around the corner to the DKNY and Guess section. Again they are all chained TOGETHER. My brother and I just walked out.

Dont they know that by doing this, they are chasing away potential customers? Or are they intending to humiliate the customers further by staring at them like idiots when they take a bag from the table, causing other bags to fall over because of ONE chain.



Some sales clerk are JUST. SO. PERSISTENT!

This happens in MOST the boutiques in EVERY SINGLE SHOPPING MALLS!

The moment you enter a store, you will be greeted with a so-called warm welcome. Sometimes too warm that it will just give you goosebump, and naturally, you'll walk out of the store.

Upon entering, you will also be tailed by one sales clerk who follows 1 feet (or less) behind you! They stop when you stop. They take ONE step, when you take one. Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this annoying! I understand if the sales clerk are trying to keep an eye on us in case of any theft, but there's really no need to follow behind us like that! Stand aside, where you can give shoppers enough space to browse at their own will and enough for you to keep an eye on them. Following so closely gives us shoppers a really very extremely uncomfortable feeling!

Another one would be the sales clerk Just Would not stop talking!

Every piece of clothing you lay (not removing them from the rack) your hands on, they will start telling you an essay of the other colors that it's available in, promotions and start recomending other 'similar' or 'i-think-you'd-like-this' items!

Some, will go 'this is on 20%'. When there is a HUGE sign above the rack saying '20%'.

I know, i can read. wtf.


THAT is the cue for me to just walk out of the store!

1) It is really annoying! Esp when you just want to have a quiet browsing time.

2) We can read.

3) Sales clerk should really leave shoppers alone. If we need help, we will ask for it!


I like MNG best today.

no one followed me around like dog.
no one bugged me with the various promotions.
no one preached an essay about the materials and other colors available.

I was left there to do my own shopping, and they were just right there when I needed to ask something.
So comfortable :)

And of coz, I bought something from MNG :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everytime I see this

My heart skips a beat, or more…

Results coming out soon :(

Monday, July 13, 2009

[too awesome for title]


tell me, who don't like holidays! :D :D (altho i feel like mine is not at all due to thesis.bleah!)

SO ANYWAYSSSS, started off with Starbucks night with the girls.

Langkawi the week after!


a very paparazzi shot

ahh.. the island of duty free products.. yumsie!

the mandatory picture with the eagle at Dataran Lang.


Lunch at this coffee shop opposite One Stop Duty Free.

dont eat the chicken rice there!! The char-siu is like contaminated with HAIR!!!
we confronted the chicken rice stall fellas, and they insisted it was our own hair wtf. But when probed and argued a lil while longer, they said it’s pig’s hair wtf.
We all suspected was the aunty’s hair lo, coz it’s bout the same length and curly. It’s not one hair onli k, there was like many many!

After lunch, we pop by the duty free stores for some….

24 bottles for onli RM120!!!

this is how the apartment fridge look like after our 1st shopping :D

Langkawi still practices the old-school scratch coupon parking ticket.

and, it’s so inconvenient to find Ejen Kupon that sells the coupon!
7-11 dont sell them! wtf…

tadaaaa… it was at the corner corner shop at the corner of the parking lot..

the really old-school driving range! :)

maybe we should just stick to pool ey :p

Beach in the evening!


our fake bartender, Wei Sin’s recipe.

Took things slow the first night, so not much damage done..

Lunch at The Loaf the next day.
I personally think it’s overrated.

The food and drinks are so-so only. The only thing to go for are the pastries. That’s all.

IMG_9713 IMG_9729 IMG_9731 IMG_9733 IMG_9734 IMG_9737
well, they DO look good. I guess we’re paying for the presentation.. did i mention that it is rather pricey?

It’s an experience..

yummmm.. :D


The restaurant is by the pier.
they have really gorgeous yacht parked there.

Headed on to the Cable car and Sky Bridge after lunch.

IMG_9896 IMG_9884
Gorgeous place, but not recommended for those who’s afraid of heights. Hang on to someone if you really need to :D

3rd day..

taking the 300+ steps up for breathtaking view and clear waters.

Telaga Tujuh (seven wells)

the guys played in the waters like little kids.

carol and I sat by the rocks.

Headed back to the apartment to rest and wash up before dinner.

Dinner at Orkid Ria at Pantai Cenang.

IMG_0176 IMG_0184 IMG_0186
this is where the hugeeeeeeee tiger prawn (and many other seafood) are.

IMG_0187 IMG_0193 IMG_0195 IMG_0200
food here is awesome! do note, that it' is rather pricey too.

the Garlic fried tiger prawns are just too good. :)

We then proceeded to send Wei Sin off to the airport.IMG_0208
he had to leave a day earlier, because flights departing on the same day as us were double the amount! crazy!

but he missed his flight and stayed back for this.

The next morning… packing up to go home already :(

it’s amazing how we are able to stuff the luggages into the tiny Innova car-boot.

sending Wei Sin to the bus station for him to catch the bus back home. Flight tickets were crazily priced!

when we couldn’t finish the vodka the night before.

headed to Kuah Town after that for last minute shopping :)

in just 3 hours..

one last group picture before departure

and we’re back to reality..


So, damages done in Langkawi?

IMG_9964 IMG_9974 IMG_9993 IMG_9587 IMG_9962
ahhh.. it was a great trip :D

Next up the following weekend,

Zouk PHUTURE!!! :D

i heart my new bag :)

P1010049-2 P1010062-2 P1010091-2 P1010095-2

okay, this time really back to reality..

Thesis :(

pictures are credited to EG and Joy