Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is me

Got a haircut (finally) today.. :D and this is how i look like now...

not exactly what i wanted, but it's good :)

THIS was what i was aiming for... :D

I guess in a month I can get to that :)


Shannel said...
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Shannel said...

I just walked into the bathroom and when I saw myself in the mirror, i jumped.

I look like Mary in 'There's Something About Mary'. The fringe anyway. and no, no artificial gel on my hair. :P

Over here i can afford to have my fringe long cause i can keep going back from fringe trim - for free. Only reason why I can cut bangs. If my fringe as short as yours, i dont think my face can take it!

I like this length hair on you. :)

Joy. said...

Bobs have always suited her.
And her preference anyway because she cannot stand long hair for long.
Even if she can she ties it up so no difference.

But, but.
You know how when you JUST cut your hair, and you haven't learned to handle it yet it can look a little akward?


But, I have a feeling when it grows out, like she said " about a month.", she will be rocking it ;)

Lainey said...

hahahaha underaged?? now i wanna look underaged again sigh sigh. last time when we were young, wanted to look older pulak wtf.

sueee you rock the bob la! you could always pull off short hair!

sueann said...


yoh! i look like Spock in denial with the fringe down, thats why im pushing it up until it grows to the desired length..

i told the lady that i wanted long hair, but i like the style.. hahaha

manda. said...

haha very nicee. i kinda liked your long hair tho :) my hair never grow one. i sad.

Stacy said...

haha underaged!!! can laugh like hell.

faster grow ur hair after they dun let you in the club

sernliang said...

ehh what underage... im no paedo k!