Sunday, June 7, 2009

♥♥These are

♥♥♥ My girlfriends who i love (straw)berry much! ♥♥♥

theres a saying goes good things come in 3.

I'm so blessed for mine comes in 3, TIMEs 2!

6 wonderful girls, in 1 life :)

there is the Joy in my life, where I can never get things in perspective without her...

then, there's my right hand woman who keep things in order for me..

there's also Kat who reminds me of the childhood days..

Stacy, is there to remind me to laugh and be carefree..

Manda who never fails to remind me to smile...

Shannel, who reminded me of Australia and Nine West by looking at her wonderful buys.
Tho we met a couple of times only, but i have a feeling that it's not complete without you.. :)

What would I do without them :)

ps: I got desperate and paid for overpriced Naturals Confectionery from Cold Storage.. :(

If your life was a broken stereo,
I'd be music to your ears
and your fears would be drowned in my audio.
You don't hear me though.
And I'd shed light on your worst-case scenario.
When you're crawling through the dark,
my spark would light the way back home.
You don't see me though.
Sean Fournier - Broken Stereo


Shannel said...

Until Joy, I never did have a girlfriend whom I was close with. I am very honoured to say that it has now changed. :)

I am very happy (not to mention flattered) that I've been considered in your list of girlies who are always there for you... to keep you strong and happy. Loving you for just the way you are... :)

Yes, even though I may have not met you too many times... it feels like I've known you for a long time hearing all the stories of you from Joy. :)

Isn't it weird that the first time we ever met... it was at a Nine West store? :P

Thank you again, Sue... for considering me as a close girlfriend who have somewhat make a difference in your life. :) I hope we'll get the opportunity to know each other even better...!

I'm coming back in 8 months!!!! :D

lainsss said...

my picture so mengada. i shy.

you'll always be my girlie! 10 years and counting! wait.. 12 years! wtfwtfwtf.

i think we're growing a bit too old.

*big hug* i <3 you!

sueann said...

Shannel: Yes, we met (officially) in Nine west the last time i visited Sydney :) faster come back and we'll all meet up and bitch bout the whole world (literally) hahahHAHA.. :)

Lainey: 12 meh? not 13 d ah? anywayss.. i less than 3 you too! :D

both: faster go buy plane tix. wait, Shannel bought hers, ELAINE YOU LE?
and Manda, if you're gonna comment, Please go buy plane ticket and confirm (no surprises k) when you'll be back :)

manda. said...

i <3 our picture sue chehwah.

stacy's picture .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. like shampoo ad or what.

got no pictures of all of us together meh?

aiyah, plane ticket.. dot dot. YOU KNOW! my dad so mengada. lemme tell story here. i ask him whether wanna buy air ticket cause air asia now got promotion again.

he reply, "Are you suggesting that I should buy a MAS ticket and go visit you? :-))))) or buy a return ticket for you?"

YOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. he act cute. i die.

anyway. loveloveloveXxoOOoxoxoOoxoxo*ching*

sueann said...

yess! i love this piccie too!!

dont haf all of us together, surely one will be missing :(

come back, and we'll take all together and that shall be framed! :D

wah.. your dad acting cute O_O... so have you booked the air asia one to lock the price?

Joy. said...

My picture so big. Suddenly I look so scary wtf.
And Stacy's pic is a damn nice candid pic!
Manda's one too cuz both of you are sho pretty. Haha.

Love you, Sue!
When will you be joining Stacy and I for waxing session?
We've already signed up for the package, yo! =p

sueann said...

go hide one corner and eat ice cream..

Stacy said...

so sweet ur post.
i feel loved =)

i neva notice also you took that pic of me. haha. so shy.

eh manda dun jelous la my hair look like shampoo ad. haha

sueann said...

stacy:of coz you feel loved :Dheheh.. we all love you! :)
btw, i dont know who took that pic. i just found it in my archives of unposted pictures..

cant wait to see you all again :(