Friday, June 19, 2009

While I should be studying

So, studying for those damn exams has been taking up like almost ALL my time! Seriously, no fun at all. bleah!

On top of that, the brighter side to end the sucky day after sitting for a real sucky paper aka TRC 4801 - Digital Communications, is Pasta Zanmai with the girls. Unlimited refills of green tea for only RM3! Super worth it, especially after a good satisfying dinner. Most the time we find difficulty walking after that, thus, explains the damn worth it green tea :D

We should make a point to try out the desserts there next time WITH Kat.

It's too bad Kat couldnt join us for dinner as she had revision class till 10.

In desperate need to fix those damn eyebags, we head over to Subang Parade to buy the Biotherm eye gel thingy. It works! Joy is the living proof :D

And of coz, how can we end the night without meeting up with Kat :)

It was again, same time, same place, just on a different day this time. just this time...

oh lookey! i found new website (from Carol) to play with! :D

Photofunia. It's FUN! go play!


Adrian said...

lol..eye bags...i didnt know there is a treatment for that...does it really works?

Joy. said...

It works!
Biotherm should pay me for this.
The eye-cream from their Hydra-Detox range meant for puffiness and dark circles.
I've been diligently using it for the past few years of course so I have a sneaky suspicion that my eye bags can't be bothered to come back anymore O_o

Stacy said...

the pic of you and SL very nice!!!