Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday ramblings

My bf called from Chee Hong's house..

Dear, something missing la...

What what? i passed you the duck to pass to Wei Sin right?

No... you are missing...

you trying to rub it in that i CANNOT go isit...

Nolah... really wan.. anyways, study hard! I love you!

So yeah, they are all wii-ing in Chee Hong's house, and im at home.... studying..


*end of update rambling..*

I really think warehouse sales brings the worse out of some particular people! Im not gonna say what particularly these people are, but you get my point!

Was at the fragrace warehouse sales yesterday. Wasnt planning to go, but since it was held at 3k Sports Center and it's crazily near my place, so mum and I thought we might as well drop by. What can you say, shopping + women = happiness.

We reached at about 10.30am, and ALREADY there is a slight queue outside the hall. The door lady was telling us that it's really pack inside and it's really stuffy, so she kept us outside to prevent anyone from fainting in there. 3 built corporate men (note: MEN), queueing right behind us started complaining. As she was saying that it's really hot in there, they sarcastically replied 'like it isnt hot in here? it's air conditioned in there!'. There i was thinking wtf, she just said it's hot and stuffy and she didnt want any1 to faint in there due to lack of air...

Not long after, we are allowed in. As the 3 built corporate men were right behind us, I could clearly hear their conversation. Then again, tehy were talking so loudly as if they wanted everyone to hear their conversation. The moment they step into the hall, one of them claim 'F***, this is crazy! it's so stuffy in here!'.. Didnt the door lady explained that earlier?

So, that aside, the sale was crazy! We felt like tuna in a can in there! It's so packed that we could hardly move! Everyone was shoulder to shoulder, back to back with no allowance to move at all! We were about to leave, when my mum said to call dad and asked if he wanted anything. He then told us to just get 3-4 bottles of anything below RM100 (for his company :)). We ended up buying 15 bottles for all of us..

It was a crazy bargain right there! The Hugo Boss XXs and XYs were going for as low as RM60 (30ML)! Other brands there were Dunhill, Escada, Gucci, Lacoste, Anna Sui and Mont Blanc.

I found (a last bottle) of my beloved Escada Sentiment. It was sitting right there at the table as if it was calling out for me. I quickly grab it before any1 else could :D. Right after I grab the bottle, a lady came to me asking 'Is that the last one?', I smiled and said 'Yeah.. sorry.. :) '... Too bad, i wouldve given it to you, but i love it too much to give it away!

We queued for almost 1 hr to pay. ONE FLOWERING HOUR! Of coz, what is a warehouse sale without inconsiderate idiots to sum it up. While we were there queuing up, mum was chatting up with the lady in front of us. She was really nice and even offered to keep our spot for us while we went scouting for more! Since she was so nice, I offered her one bottle of the Lacoste Love in Pink i manage to grab. :)

When nearing the cashier counter, SUDDENLY, just really suddenly okay, the nice lady and us were seperated by this skinny rempit with a kid! wtf! My mum said 'I thought we were behind this aunty? since when this guy came about?' He ignored and continued standing there as tho it wasnt his fault at all. We told him the queue starts from the other side of the room. He ignored. The nice lady was trying to get us in front of him, but he didnt give way. wtf.. THEN, there was this pretentious bitch behind us, who was nicely chatting up with my mum and brother. BUT the moment we look away, she tried squeezing her way front! wtf seriously.. And you call yourself a corporate lady. pfft! you are a disgrace to the corporate world lo like that!

Finally, the finest idiots at the end of the day are really the people who at the cashier counter. We found out that we were lining up at the CASH counter after 1 hr of queuing! That is when the cashier lady yelled out 'THIS LANE IS CASH ONLY AH!'. The few in front of us claimed that they should put up a sign rather than having everyone queuing up for so long only to find out that they cannot pay with credit card in that lane! The cashier lady said they did put up sign. Where? In front of the cash register that is conviniently covered by the jam pack customers in the hall. So they expect very1 to have ultrasonic or x-ray vision to see through all those humans to know which is cash lane and credit lane.. They could at least put the signs higher where EVERYONE can see and there are no chances of it being blocked by any souls lo!

But apart from all that, these are our buys, no wait, these are MY buys :)

I just love the heart shaped bottle :) so gorgeous!

ps: it smells awesome too :)

Lacoste Love in Pink :)

Together with Anna Sui EDP and 5 Anna Sui nail polish :)
(too lazy to take picture d la!)

on another note, my fav pic at the moment :)
camwhore DSLR! We all look so nice here :)

my hair so long d! :D :D weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

*clicks away for new hairstyles*

oh no wait. i should be studying.. :(


Lainey said...

yeah hahahahahaha. must be VERY wary of your surroundings in warehouse sales! some ppl really mencibaikan!!

Adrian said...

omg!Escada Sentiment is dam nice :) ...liked the elegant smell...i got the guy one X) ...but rarely use it cause dam expensive...

sueann said...

lainey: seriously, mengcibaikan lo!!

Adrian: It's awesome!! they had the guy's sentiment too.. wanna know how much? lol.. hehehe

Adrian said...

From the price you bought i can roughly guess how much i lost....i felt like i had used the iron solder to burn a hole in my wallet after i read your post...anyways good luck in your exams...

Stacy said...

my god.... why they so mengada
as you know... all signs in M'sia always hidden... be it queue signs... road signs... whatever.
eh next time you wear the escada wan k wana smell.

oh im ok with tuesday.

Ooi said...

wheee now i only i saw the pic we took at the curve ! glad u liked it ! hehehe

more to come in langkawi loh seriously hehehehe