Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Paper Syndrome

is when you just dont feel like doing anything related to studying!!

seriously! it's worse than lazy!

meet my best friend for a week, HejPy.

Why a week?

Coz it HejPy will onli last me until Wednesday, thats when my paper is. I bought it last week, and there's about 1/3 left.. :D

dont you just feel like chugging down the 2 glasses.. :D :D

okay, back to pretending to study *sigh*

ps: yes Joy, i found new software to play with and no, im not telling you what it is until after your exams...

psps: it's SO MUCH EASIER to use than Photoshop, best part is, it is free!


Titus Tang said...

i comprehend your misery :P hahaha

Joy. said...

New software?

I shared with you mine.
Now you don't wanna share with me yours?

sueann said...

titus: exactly.. ther'es a reason we're engineers!

joy: seriously,raelly really serious wan.. this is more evil than the one you sent me!!! it's a software!! no need to wait for page loading! i'll tel you on the 5th of july :D

Stacy said...

wtf. sue why you playing with software??? go study pls!