Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am

at my lowest point now...

zero confidence
zero inspiration
zero faith

for this coming paper....


ps: i read all your comments, thanks for the concern...

pleaseee pray for mee... i just want to pass. im not asking for a lot.. just to pass this subject can d.. :)


Joy. said...

*pats your back comfortingly*

Don't give up just yet.

Shannel said...

I think we've all gone through THAT moment.

Instead of telling yourself that, just take a deep breath, have a hot drink... while staring at nothingness to relax your mind and calm your heart.

Then go back to it. I know it's not easy... but like Joy said, don't give up just yet babe.

Titus Tang said...

aiyo why la?
i'm sure you can pull through it! :)

Joy. said...

Ah, I see you figured out the twitter part.
So I don't have to copy and paste my reply here =p
I made mine interactive!
Hope you're feeling better by now.
Love you =)

Lainey said...

*big hug*

you can do it :) we ALL believe in you!!

- * now. i just gotta start believing in myself wtf*

last paper *crosses finger*

Stacy said...

Hey babe

You can do it. Don't worry.
Calm Down *breathe*
Imagine relaxing after the paper!


manda. said...

HUGS! is your paper over already lol. but neways just DO IT. AFTER IT'S ALL DONE YOU'LL FEEL SUPER AWESOME!!! :D