Sunday, June 7, 2009

24 kids is a JOKE!

No, really.. it is!

Think about it, it is financially not advisable, unless of coz you start getting royalty fees from all the publicity and/or sponsorship, if not how on earth can you sustain!

Think about the space that you're gonna need to keep them all!

Like we discussed (and joked and schemed) the other night, at least 3 cartons of eggs for ONE breakfast. Probably might need a farm to grow crops and cows (or goats) for milk!

It's financially infeasible!

There goes the 24 Ferraris for him, and 24hundred (or more) LVs, Guccis, Chanels, Burberrys and the list goes on for her.

SO anyways, ever since him and her mention they were (note, keyword now -were-) planning on 24kids, or at least, she wanted 24 kids, SL and I burst into series of chuckles and giggles each time we see a group of 4 kids and more.

We were at Nandos for dinner earlier. We were seated between tables loaded with kids!

Seated behind SL was a family of 3 with a beautiful boy aged around 3-4. Who obediently sits and finish his dinner..

The table behind me was a company of 5-6 couples, with one baby each! I said it's probably a reunion for a group of friends, but SL insist that they're there to have their little own 'Who's baby is the cutest' pagent (secretly between couples).

They left after a whole lot of gossiping and feasting over their chickens and salad. Thank goodness for we were blessed with a very peaceful dinner as none (thankfully) no baby started the crying and tantrum throwing streak!

As they leave, SL and I chuckled.

"Thinking bout the 24kids conversation?" I asked.

"haha.. yeah. If they ever have 24 kids, we're not having reunion with them." he answered.

"Or we just invite the parents" I added..

So, please ah.. whoever planning to have more than 4 kids, I will pretend to lose contact with you! Or like we told him and her, we're all moving far far away! No way, I'm gonna help babysit 24kids. hahaha

on another note, Catch phrase of the day:

You're the 1st ex that drives to my house..

hmm? so when are you breaking up with me?

faster go laugh and pengsan, or go punch him please... Looks like he's secretly scheming already!!


lainsss said...


i become like you.
pretend not friend.

Shannel said...

and... Chan Li-Kheng thinks I'm out of my mind for wanting FOUR. That's like 1/6 of 24!

Bugger...24 kids... think of names for each also can die already.

My dad is struggling to raise 2 kids... we'll probably need a Bill Gates to raise 24. :|

I agree with Lainey, don't visit me on CNY! Unless I decide to have 48 kids then... can la.

sueann said...


MY blog decides to load.. *faints*

any more than 1 kid for Chan Li-Kheng is an army d! hahaha..

We told them that the moment they have more than 4, we're moving far far away and pretend to lose contact. Esp, during CNY and christmas!

Can you imagine, 24 kids is like, birthdays every 2 weeks!! We'll go broke just by buying presents..

manda. said...

i will have zero kids. haha.

Shannel said...

You know what CLK told me?

She'll give birth to 2 and will give one to me to look after. so I don't have to give birth to 4. -_-

sueann said...

good manda, we'll move closer to you.. hahahaHAHA

shannel, i think we should all have ONE more extra kids and donate 1 to CLK to jaga.. haha..

I'm awaiting parang flying towards me the moment she reads this :D

Joy. said...

I would be content with two, but three is an alright number if it did come along.
And excuse me Sue, donate to me to jaga?
I'm offering Shannel one of mine and you are actually looking to donate one to me?


Manda smart. She will move the farthest away. So that she doesn't fall into the babysitting trap LOL.