Monday, June 29, 2009

[cant think of a title]


seriously, totally, absolutely recomended! be it for the bots OR megan OR both, it's damn awesome la!

and so, the great Legend has deceased. RIP Michael Jackson.

I remember growing up to his songs and swoons to his smooth ballads.. Just awesome..

Now, I have to do thesis and do note, I HATE PROGRAMMING..


Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is me

Got a haircut (finally) today.. :D and this is how i look like now...

not exactly what i wanted, but it's good :)

THIS was what i was aiming for... :D

I guess in a month I can get to that :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

:D :D


It has been decided :D

Monday, June 22, 2009


the future of dating...

K k.. enough distraction.. back to studying.. meh!

Source: forwarded email

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Paper Syndrome

is when you just dont feel like doing anything related to studying!!

seriously! it's worse than lazy!

meet my best friend for a week, HejPy.

Why a week?

Coz it HejPy will onli last me until Wednesday, thats when my paper is. I bought it last week, and there's about 1/3 left.. :D

dont you just feel like chugging down the 2 glasses.. :D :D

okay, back to pretending to study *sigh*

ps: yes Joy, i found new software to play with and no, im not telling you what it is until after your exams...

psps: it's SO MUCH EASIER to use than Photoshop, best part is, it is free!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

pretty much what im doing right now...

When there's no beer at home,

wine makes a good substitute :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

JOY CLK, check this out.

I dont know bout you, but i LOLROFLMAO while doing this... hahahAHHAHA

While I should be studying

So, studying for those damn exams has been taking up like almost ALL my time! Seriously, no fun at all. bleah!

On top of that, the brighter side to end the sucky day after sitting for a real sucky paper aka TRC 4801 - Digital Communications, is Pasta Zanmai with the girls. Unlimited refills of green tea for only RM3! Super worth it, especially after a good satisfying dinner. Most the time we find difficulty walking after that, thus, explains the damn worth it green tea :D

We should make a point to try out the desserts there next time WITH Kat.

It's too bad Kat couldnt join us for dinner as she had revision class till 10.

In desperate need to fix those damn eyebags, we head over to Subang Parade to buy the Biotherm eye gel thingy. It works! Joy is the living proof :D

And of coz, how can we end the night without meeting up with Kat :)

It was again, same time, same place, just on a different day this time. just this time...

oh lookey! i found new website (from Carol) to play with! :D

Photofunia. It's FUN! go play!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am

at my lowest point now...

zero confidence
zero inspiration
zero faith

for this coming paper....


ps: i read all your comments, thanks for the concern...

pleaseee pray for mee... i just want to pass. im not asking for a lot.. just to pass this subject can d.. :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday ramblings

My bf called from Chee Hong's house..

Dear, something missing la...

What what? i passed you the duck to pass to Wei Sin right?

No... you are missing...

you trying to rub it in that i CANNOT go isit...

Nolah... really wan.. anyways, study hard! I love you!

So yeah, they are all wii-ing in Chee Hong's house, and im at home.... studying..


*end of update rambling..*

I really think warehouse sales brings the worse out of some particular people! Im not gonna say what particularly these people are, but you get my point!

Was at the fragrace warehouse sales yesterday. Wasnt planning to go, but since it was held at 3k Sports Center and it's crazily near my place, so mum and I thought we might as well drop by. What can you say, shopping + women = happiness.

We reached at about 10.30am, and ALREADY there is a slight queue outside the hall. The door lady was telling us that it's really pack inside and it's really stuffy, so she kept us outside to prevent anyone from fainting in there. 3 built corporate men (note: MEN), queueing right behind us started complaining. As she was saying that it's really hot in there, they sarcastically replied 'like it isnt hot in here? it's air conditioned in there!'. There i was thinking wtf, she just said it's hot and stuffy and she didnt want any1 to faint in there due to lack of air...

Not long after, we are allowed in. As the 3 built corporate men were right behind us, I could clearly hear their conversation. Then again, tehy were talking so loudly as if they wanted everyone to hear their conversation. The moment they step into the hall, one of them claim 'F***, this is crazy! it's so stuffy in here!'.. Didnt the door lady explained that earlier?

So, that aside, the sale was crazy! We felt like tuna in a can in there! It's so packed that we could hardly move! Everyone was shoulder to shoulder, back to back with no allowance to move at all! We were about to leave, when my mum said to call dad and asked if he wanted anything. He then told us to just get 3-4 bottles of anything below RM100 (for his company :)). We ended up buying 15 bottles for all of us..

It was a crazy bargain right there! The Hugo Boss XXs and XYs were going for as low as RM60 (30ML)! Other brands there were Dunhill, Escada, Gucci, Lacoste, Anna Sui and Mont Blanc.

I found (a last bottle) of my beloved Escada Sentiment. It was sitting right there at the table as if it was calling out for me. I quickly grab it before any1 else could :D. Right after I grab the bottle, a lady came to me asking 'Is that the last one?', I smiled and said 'Yeah.. sorry.. :) '... Too bad, i wouldve given it to you, but i love it too much to give it away!

We queued for almost 1 hr to pay. ONE FLOWERING HOUR! Of coz, what is a warehouse sale without inconsiderate idiots to sum it up. While we were there queuing up, mum was chatting up with the lady in front of us. She was really nice and even offered to keep our spot for us while we went scouting for more! Since she was so nice, I offered her one bottle of the Lacoste Love in Pink i manage to grab. :)

When nearing the cashier counter, SUDDENLY, just really suddenly okay, the nice lady and us were seperated by this skinny rempit with a kid! wtf! My mum said 'I thought we were behind this aunty? since when this guy came about?' He ignored and continued standing there as tho it wasnt his fault at all. We told him the queue starts from the other side of the room. He ignored. The nice lady was trying to get us in front of him, but he didnt give way. wtf.. THEN, there was this pretentious bitch behind us, who was nicely chatting up with my mum and brother. BUT the moment we look away, she tried squeezing her way front! wtf seriously.. And you call yourself a corporate lady. pfft! you are a disgrace to the corporate world lo like that!

Finally, the finest idiots at the end of the day are really the people who at the cashier counter. We found out that we were lining up at the CASH counter after 1 hr of queuing! That is when the cashier lady yelled out 'THIS LANE IS CASH ONLY AH!'. The few in front of us claimed that they should put up a sign rather than having everyone queuing up for so long only to find out that they cannot pay with credit card in that lane! The cashier lady said they did put up sign. Where? In front of the cash register that is conviniently covered by the jam pack customers in the hall. So they expect very1 to have ultrasonic or x-ray vision to see through all those humans to know which is cash lane and credit lane.. They could at least put the signs higher where EVERYONE can see and there are no chances of it being blocked by any souls lo!

But apart from all that, these are our buys, no wait, these are MY buys :)

I just love the heart shaped bottle :) so gorgeous!

ps: it smells awesome too :)

Lacoste Love in Pink :)

Together with Anna Sui EDP and 5 Anna Sui nail polish :)
(too lazy to take picture d la!)

on another note, my fav pic at the moment :)
camwhore DSLR! We all look so nice here :)

my hair so long d! :D :D weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

*clicks away for new hairstyles*

oh no wait. i should be studying.. :(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sometimes i wonder...

Why am I so skinny until,

Rajiv: there is no grave big enough (and by that i mean small) to fit half a human ;)
how are you?
hope you're fine...
xoxo wtf....

and I have friends that are so niceeeeeeeeee to the extend they

Loh Wei Hong says :
ohh shiittt
dont wanna talk to u too long
u need to study
get lost

..:: sueann ::.. says:
i going sleep d
tmr onli continue

Loh Wei Hong says :
go away

..:: sueann ::.. says:
so friendly

Loh Wei Hong says:
bye bye.. hav fun.. and good luck

I laugh.. hahaHAHHA wtf..

For you, who think youre not strong enough

I know you are stronger than that. :)

You'll pull it through :) *hugs!*

Sunday, June 7, 2009

♥♥These are

♥♥♥ My girlfriends who i love (straw)berry much! ♥♥♥

theres a saying goes good things come in 3.

I'm so blessed for mine comes in 3, TIMEs 2!

6 wonderful girls, in 1 life :)

there is the Joy in my life, where I can never get things in perspective without her...

then, there's my right hand woman who keep things in order for me..

there's also Kat who reminds me of the childhood days..

Stacy, is there to remind me to laugh and be carefree..

Manda who never fails to remind me to smile...

Shannel, who reminded me of Australia and Nine West by looking at her wonderful buys.
Tho we met a couple of times only, but i have a feeling that it's not complete without you.. :)

What would I do without them :)

ps: I got desperate and paid for overpriced Naturals Confectionery from Cold Storage.. :(

If your life was a broken stereo,
I'd be music to your ears
and your fears would be drowned in my audio.
You don't hear me though.
And I'd shed light on your worst-case scenario.
When you're crawling through the dark,
my spark would light the way back home.
You don't see me though.
Sean Fournier - Broken Stereo

24 kids is a JOKE!

No, really.. it is!

Think about it, it is financially not advisable, unless of coz you start getting royalty fees from all the publicity and/or sponsorship, if not how on earth can you sustain!

Think about the space that you're gonna need to keep them all!

Like we discussed (and joked and schemed) the other night, at least 3 cartons of eggs for ONE breakfast. Probably might need a farm to grow crops and cows (or goats) for milk!

It's financially infeasible!

There goes the 24 Ferraris for him, and 24hundred (or more) LVs, Guccis, Chanels, Burberrys and the list goes on for her.

SO anyways, ever since him and her mention they were (note, keyword now -were-) planning on 24kids, or at least, she wanted 24 kids, SL and I burst into series of chuckles and giggles each time we see a group of 4 kids and more.

We were at Nandos for dinner earlier. We were seated between tables loaded with kids!

Seated behind SL was a family of 3 with a beautiful boy aged around 3-4. Who obediently sits and finish his dinner..

The table behind me was a company of 5-6 couples, with one baby each! I said it's probably a reunion for a group of friends, but SL insist that they're there to have their little own 'Who's baby is the cutest' pagent (secretly between couples).

They left after a whole lot of gossiping and feasting over their chickens and salad. Thank goodness for we were blessed with a very peaceful dinner as none (thankfully) no baby started the crying and tantrum throwing streak!

As they leave, SL and I chuckled.

"Thinking bout the 24kids conversation?" I asked.

"haha.. yeah. If they ever have 24 kids, we're not having reunion with them." he answered.

"Or we just invite the parents" I added..

So, please ah.. whoever planning to have more than 4 kids, I will pretend to lose contact with you! Or like we told him and her, we're all moving far far away! No way, I'm gonna help babysit 24kids. hahaha

on another note, Catch phrase of the day:

You're the 1st ex that drives to my house..

hmm? so when are you breaking up with me?

faster go laugh and pengsan, or go punch him please... Looks like he's secretly scheming already!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Too little sleep lowers IQ

People in the United Kingdom are getting too little sleep, and are even running the risk of mental retardation, according to a report released Sunday.

Loughborough University's Sleep Research Centre says an increasing number of offices are staffed around the clock, pushing Britain towards a 24 hour society.

According to the report, each hour short of eight hours of sleep a night could knock one point off a person's IQ. It would be easy to lose fifteen points in a week, resulting in a person with an IQ of 100 becoming "borderline retarded."

The Sleep Centre also says a lack of sleep could lead to a decrease in reasoning skills and linguistic coherence, since sleep is the time when the brain processes information received during waking hours.

A new organization, the British Sleep Foundation, will be launched on Tuesday to raise awareness of the issue, and encourage Britons to get more sleep.

Moral of the story is : SLEEP MORE! :D :D


Monday, June 1, 2009

Warriors of the Net : IP for the Peace

This is what I learn in class. A MUST watch video about how the information from the Internet is retrieved :)
is super darn cool!

The lecturer couldn't give us the copy he had due to some Copyrights issues, but nothing YouTube can't resolve :)


So now you know why sometimes it takes forever to load a webpage :)

Coz www also stands for World Wide Wait. :D
newwwwwwww layout :)

And back to books :(


Please voteeeeee for Ellie and no one else!! :D :D :D

Q: Why are you the Most Wanted ruumate?

A: As I've always believed that things come when you least expect them to, one of the most desirable traits of a friend would be one who expects nothing from you. I'm hoping that the fellow ruumates that I'll stumble upon throughout this process would stretch out further than being just a ruumate. After all, it's an online community that connects; and I'm quite certain about the chain reaction that will follow through; make me wanted for the right reasons. :)
Q: What's your idea of the ideal person (ruumate)?

A: An individual who's proud to be just an individual.
Q: What's your pet peeve?

A: I can't stand people who don't know how to remain silent in the cinema, especially Malaysians!
Q: Describe yourself in less than 10 words

A: MissyCheerio; the weird amalgamation of architecture, photography & writing. Q: In an ideal world…(complete the sentence)
A: where people strive to search for similarities among themselves, and not through the never ending differences, people choose to see what they want to look at; just a simple example; when you walk into a boutiquw, we all head off looking at our best interests, right?
Q: Name us one of your bad living habits

A: I don't sleep enough, which explains the eye bags!

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