Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Di Antara Malaikat dan Jin and Why I especially love Wednesdays :)

Dont ask me why 'Di Antara Malaikat dan Jin' when the English title is NOT 'In Between Angels and Demons', coz that was the translated title when I watch the movie! Seriously, bad translation.. tsk tsk tsk.

Thanks Ellie for the invites and Advertlets for the premier screening :)

Movie was definitely thumbs up and waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy(and it goes on) better than Da Vinci Code! Not forgetting the fact that Ewan McGregor stars in this movie :D tho at some parts he did sounded like how he did in Moulin Rouge, but that's wat we like bout him , dont we? ;)

Anyways, it was good la! So go watch! :)

ps: if you've read the book, dont expect too much from the movie.

Why I especially love Wednesdays?

This is why :)
Wednesday #1

Wednesday #2

Tuesday #3

Tonight :) 

We use to see each other EVERYDAY back in highschool. 

Then, we meet up few times a week when we are in college. 

For 2 years, we meet up once in few months because we were scattered all over the world.

That's why now, Wednesdays are days that I so look forward to! 

Cant wait to see you girls tonight! Same time, Same place :) 


lainsss said...

sembilu T__T

Shannel said...

Me too... :(

Joy. said...

Love all of you.
And both of you who are away especially much!
Can't wait for a group hug ;)

sueann said...

faster come back!!!

we shall go to the same place at the same time

loves! :)