Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 13

It's not any ordinary week 13, it's THE week 13. 

The first week 13 of my final year. 

THE week 13 that probably determines where I stand in my Honors. 

THE week 13 that seperates me from the social world and the nerding world. 

THE week 13 that is still jammed pack with due dates. 

I'm doomed. 

Apart from that...

i wanna go tooooooo..... :( 


Monday, May 25, 2009

the upside of the bad week :)

Is seeing pretty pictures on darlinks friends blog :)

Shoes that I secretly plotting to steal in my mind :D

the gorgeous red heels. (picture stolen from Joy)

and the sexy black boots that belongs to Shannel.

this is Joy with her new hair do...


the one that made me laugh at the same time smile. whichever easier :)
(stolen from Shannel)

This week, i dread the wednesday :(

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shogun at Sunway Pyramid

More of a share of the Shogun bad experience...

My siblings and I visited Shogun in Sunway Pyramid for the first time today. We called on Monday (18 May 2009) to make a reservation for 3 at 1pm for Friday (22 May 2009). However, upon reaching Shogun’s doorstep at 1pm today, we were told TODAY that our reservation was CHANGED to THURSDAY (21 May 2009)! 

The doorman in charge at that time, Gibson, insisted that they called us to confirm that the reservation was changed to Thursday. The only phone call we received was at 12.45pm today, but it was missed. We promptly called back several times for the next 15 minutes but there was either no answer, or was engaged.

We explained that we did not change our reservation for Friday at 1pm. Gibson insisted that we called to change and shortly after that raised his voice saying, “IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!”. He then told us to wait and walked away. When he returned, he pretended not to see us waiting and continued with what he was previously doing. 

Personally, I think that was very rude. 

We approached him again and asked to speak to the manager. He let out a grunt before going inside to call the supervisor, who then looked at the reservation list again, and told us that our reservation was only for 2, meaning if he were to admit us into the restaurant, he can only admit 2. We told him that it was impossible because we clearly made reservations for 3, and told him to check our reservation number which was W14. The supervisor checked the list again and pointed to a column on the list which stated 2pax. Dissatisfied, we cross-referenced that column with the name and phone number recorded and found that it was a reservation under the same name, but different contact number. Even though they had clearly made a mistake, both the supervisor and Gibson did not apologize and asked for our reservation number again. After checking the list again, the right record for our reservation but then said that we did not show up at 12.30 pm, so they gave our table away. But we clearly made a reservation for 3 at 1 pm. Why was it written as 12.30 pm?  We insisted that the supervisor check with the person who was in charge of taking reservations on Monday, but they refused and said that it was a miscommunication. Gibson then proceeded to tell us that we would have to wait for our table. 

That defeats the whole purpose of making reservation, doesn’t it?

We were only seated after half an hour and we did not even get a word of apology from them at all! It was obviously an internal management error, so shouldn’t they at least apologize?

Before we left, we approached Gibson (we didn’t know his name then) to ask for his name and politely told him that he was very rude to us. He refused to give us his name, and instead he raised his voice again saying, “You all started it first!”. Pardon me, but the last time I checked, restaurant staff are supposed to be well mannered and polite, not this rude! He insisted on not giving us his name, and then turned around to ignore us. We proceeded to ask the other cashier behind the counter, but she too refused to give us his name.

Evidently, the management of Shogun Pyramid does not highly prioritize customers’ satisfaction based on this particular episode. Initially, a simple apology would suffice. However, given that the fact that my siblings and myself were at the receiving end of a ruder treatment, I made a point to personally lodge a direct complain against the staff in Shogun Pyramid.

My friends and I are frequent customers to various Japanese buffets. This is the first time we decided to give Shogun a try, and after such treatment, it just left us with a bitter aftertaste, and full of disappointment. We would definitely not give Shogun a visit anymore, and we would also spread the word around about the horrible customers service that we were given.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

when individuals are overly stressed up.

Before that, 

Congrats Michael on your graduation :) 

Next up, before scrolling down, please note that the chat log is purely for stress release purposes.
I literally lolroflmao! hahahAHHAA... 

you know, im suppose to submit somehting tmr

coz my 35% preso habis yesterday
and i chill until 
YOHHH TMR?! wtf. pls go do work

coz last 2 days i manage to habis 2 report 1 presentation and 1 assingment!
 you say chill or not


i gonna mati

come la we mati 
best friends in joint funeral wtf.

grave must nice wan k!

we make it glam a bit
instead of chinese rice wine
its grey goose wtf

or we glam it higher. moet champagne wtf.


grey goose to shower
then moet champagne for guests
and one bottle for us to hold

to go with us in the grave wtf

yes correct

along with crystal champagne glass

i wan the flute

yeah champage are the flute ones
uh huh the paling class one is crystal i think

we get it from swarovski la

wtf i wan customize wan

yohhh quite fussy you

must go in style mah

true that 
we get vera wang to design custom make our dress also la 
and jimmy choo to make shoes
i think quite glam 

wahhh sexy betul 
i wan my chanel bag too 
later my family bakar money i no where to keep

.oh ya 
good plan 

we get the classic chanel wtf 

ok la set 
we must write demand will now

hahahha yeah 
instead of working on our assignment 
we planned funeral adi 
*good job us!*

yeah la 
memang pun kita mati

I hope you enjoy our laughs like we did :) 

ps: elaine i miss you.. *sobbles*

and oh, i love my new earphones :) it's not Shure, or Bose or Razer and definitely not an Apple one. 


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Di Antara Malaikat dan Jin and Why I especially love Wednesdays :)

Dont ask me why 'Di Antara Malaikat dan Jin' when the English title is NOT 'In Between Angels and Demons', coz that was the translated title when I watch the movie! Seriously, bad translation.. tsk tsk tsk.

Thanks Ellie for the invites and Advertlets for the premier screening :)

Movie was definitely thumbs up and waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy(and it goes on) better than Da Vinci Code! Not forgetting the fact that Ewan McGregor stars in this movie :D tho at some parts he did sounded like how he did in Moulin Rouge, but that's wat we like bout him , dont we? ;)

Anyways, it was good la! So go watch! :)

ps: if you've read the book, dont expect too much from the movie.

Why I especially love Wednesdays?

This is why :)
Wednesday #1

Wednesday #2

Tuesday #3

Tonight :) 

We use to see each other EVERYDAY back in highschool. 

Then, we meet up few times a week when we are in college. 

For 2 years, we meet up once in few months because we were scattered all over the world.

That's why now, Wednesdays are days that I so look forward to! 

Cant wait to see you girls tonight! Same time, Same place :) 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The dessert that lasted all night.

This was taken when we just got there. Mum was so anxious to have this picture taken for fear that it will probably not survive half the night. 

however, due to her overwhelming beauty, it stood tall, still having her gorgeous dress intact without any cut on it!

and this picture was taken towards the end of the night. 

My aunt realised that if no cuts were to be done on the dress, it will remain that way. And so, she cuts them up, and in less than an hr, it's all gone.

Never have I seen dessert that can last so long in an event... 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Did you know?

For those with slow connections and too lazy to load, here are my 2 favourite cut scenes! :D

so it's kinda true, based on the video. Joy, i visited your blog 3 times just to view, and before i decided to steal the clip from there.. :D 

Which means then, by the time i graduate, what ever i studied here;

will be so outdated that no one will even remember what is it about! 


adapted from Joy. :D

Monday, May 4, 2009

What's the point?

After studying and preparing for so long and just when you thought you did good, and at the end of the day:

Malaysia MS Total (10):3.70  (out of 10.00)

I know I dont see a point anymore.. 

should i stop now while i still can?