Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just watch this... :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weird call & Annoying call

Just the other day, my dad got a really weird call from a total random stranger! 

*phone rings*
*Dad answers*

Dad : Hello.
Caller: *crying kid* Papaaaa.... wo kei ren cua le! *sob* *sniffles* *whatever shit he was doing la!* 
(translation: dad, i got kidnapped)
Dad: *thinks wth* WhAT?!! 

*presses HANG UP button*

So anyways, my dad got the call when my brother was conviniently at camp. OH! the 'Kid' was speaking in Mandarin. 

Aih, methods people resolve to now to get money. 

and apparently my dad wasn't the only one who got a call like that! There was few other cases and one of them goes as below:

a father: hello...
caller: (some similar sentence i cant remember, but anyways here's one just to get the flow going) Papa, i got kidnapped!
a father: what? what's my son's name?
caller: *hangs up*

So yeah, moral of the story is, to parents out there, if ever you get calls like this; 
  • check where your kid really is before paying the ransom
  • ask them for traits only you know
  • take the number down and report police la
Next up. When you dialed a wrong number, apologize to the other side and then hang up. 

Isn't that what we were taught as a kid? apologize when you've done something wrong. So, just this morning, I got a phone call. 

me: (half asleep, mind you) Hello?
caller: allo! *silence*
me: yeah? wh---
caller: (cutting me off halfway) SAPE NI?!
(translation: Who this? *literally*)
me: huh?
caller: SAPE NI???
me: ah? (I was sleepy, and was really too tired to say anything )

And he hung up just like that! the least he could do was APPOLOGIZE for getting the wrong number, RITE! 

Oh, he called at bout 10am and i was out clubbing the night before. So yeah, you get the jiff.. 


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mid Semester Break

More like mid semester STUDY break. Work load is crazy! 

Anyhoo, a quick recap on what I've been, or should I say we've been up to :) 

Started off the month of March with Yvonne's birthday celebration in Jarrod & Rawlins.

Nevertheless, the food were awesome! 

Then, followed by Manda's birthday celebrated in Zen and MOS in conjuction with Chivas Chivalry launch thingy. 

this is not Manda btw.. Pictures taken with manda were not very flattering, thus it shall just stay in my laptop and hers for personal viewing :D

Kok & his crutches. Hardcore kan...

one birthday after another, next up is Sern Liang dearest's birthday in De Canter.

yes, i made him wear that pin :)

early birds :) 


and~~ we ended the month of March with Kok's birthday celebration in the ever wonderful Jarrod & Rawlins, again :)

with love, from all of us :) 

while i was getting ready :)


and try guessing who... 


And April started off with a mini reunion with the TK ppl :)

of coz, there were still the 'i lebih tinggi dari u' debate :)

i just love this picture :) my current Facebook profile pic.. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


C'mon.. say it with me...

Gambit, Gambit, Gambit....

Maybe then it'll be release faster :) 

ps: not the unfinished pirated one... 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Krispy Kreme

Sern Liang goes 'Dear.... I love you'. 

Sue smiles sweetly, and say 'I love you too, Krispy Kreme'.

Oh btw, I dreamt that I was shopping with the girls. I guess i subconsiously miss them a lot :) 

Joy, Stacy, Kat, you 3 better die die make time for meet up this week before i forget how you all look like :P :D :)