Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today, i damn suay. 

I saw 2 accidents on the short journey back from uni. TWO!!! zzzomg. 

One right when i was exiting the carpark. First, it was jam INSIDE the parking lot because the ticket machine was broken. 

I thought nightmare was over. Note: it was oven degrees outside! 

As i exited the parking lot, there was a slight holdup at the trafficlight to turn right. My bag was in the back seat. In my bag, was my phone AND my camera. Lights turn green, and cars started moving, THEN i saw the accident! 

A gen2 was IN the bush along the road, holding up the traffic was a Kia Sportage with its bonet dented quite badly parked by the traffic lights. 

If only i had my phone OR my camera with me. but i manage to badly illustrate how the accident scene was like :D

So, after going through that hold up, there was another accident along the flyovers from Sunway to Subang. Just another dented bonet and another dented boot. 

Moral of the story is, always have your camera or phone with you, so you can capture these. is not every day you see a gen2 landed in the bushes. 

Ps: to the victims of the accident, im sorry you guys got into the accident. But at roads like that, you shud've obeyed the traffic and not go too fast. 


DerekTan said...

wtf at the map. so detail. and made it so fast????

sueann said...


very fast onli mah. :)