Saturday, March 28, 2009

Only can happen here..

Was driving back from uni. Being bored in the jam, i decided to just snap some random pictures with my phone. 

And this will have to be the best picture of the day! 

As i was snapping away,ironically, the radio was playing the community message on MOTORBIKE safety.

They blame us, car drivers for motorcycles' accidents. 
They blame us, car drivers for not being alert of motorcyclists. 
They blame us, car drivers for driving recklessly, disregarding motorcyclists safety. 

This picture shows a motorcyclist, talking on the phone WHILE riding the bike! 

click to enlarge for better view. 
sorry for the bad photo quality. i used my phone and it doesnt have a zoom function. 

Shortly after he took the turn, he hung up, probably realising i was taking picture. 

There are so many community messages directed to car drivers to not use the phone while driving. HOW ABOUT THESE MOTORCYCLISTS? 

Motorcyclists like these are the ones that got themself into accidents! Talking on the phone while on the bike?! zzzomg.

Next picture is the picture of the 'crime scene' from my previous post. *click*
Where the Gen-2 terbabas outside Monash Uni carpark. 

Oh yeah, and i forgot to mention, that's where the traffic light was. The silver pole in the picture IS the traffic light and the Gen-2 landed nicely at that spot. 


Joy. said...

It IS annoying isn't it how most car drivers try to be as careful as they can while the motorcyclists themselves don't give two hoots about their own lives.

Titus Tang said...

Some car drivers are idiots, but most road idiots are motorcyclist who think they own the road and have 9 lives.

sueann said...

Joy: Exactly! they should be doing more public awareness for the motorcyclists instead of car drivers.

titus: YES! thats the word, they think tehy have 9 lives. it is seriously annoying! esp when they stop right next to the car and start weaving. blardy hell, thats how the scratches on the car most the time came about!

DerekTan said...

on my way to work, i pass by from the federal highway turning into subang.. there is an area of the curve that was a steel divider went missing replaced with yellow 'awas' tape..

while the yellow tape is brighter, and probably more attention catching... if you didnt turn probably, you can say hi to the few meter longkang below, and pray you had life insurance.. gg

only possible in msia.

DerekTan said...

oh, i saw a superman rempit once, almost banged it when it crossed the red light. the idiot had the brains to look back for another good 15 seconds, ignoring what was infront of him.