Sunday, March 8, 2009

Muka Tembok Besi

Translation (direct one, to be exact) : Steel Column Face

SERIOUSLY, some people just do not understand, or rather know the urgency of time! 

MY story. 

My family and I went for Kitaro's concert up in Genting Highlands. Showtime was 8pm, and obviously it is a known fact that YOU SHOULD BE IN THE HALL BEFORE THAT! Gates were opened at 7, or 6.30, im not sure, but knowing the amount of people that will be present in the Arena of Stars, I highly doubt they'll open the gate only half an hour before the show! 

We were in the theater about 15minutes before the show, and already the place was packed! The show started about 5 pass 8. Somehow, there are still people entering the theater 5 minutes later as though they paid for a 10 bucks movie ticket. So there we were, trying to enjoy the show, while being distracted by the brushing footsteps of people still enterning the arena! 

We were seated rather towards the side, bout few seats away from the aisle. About half an hr into the show, an EXCITING ONE, this middle age woman, no wait, middle age ah soh, came prancing in with a friend making their way to their seats which was the same row as us. It was quite obvious that they are so late as the arena were dark onli lit by the lights on stage. They made their way SLOWLY, led by the middle age ah soh, towards their seat. OBVIOUSLY WE WERE ANNOYED! LIKE HELLO, WE'RE ENJOYING THE SHOW!! mch. Out of annoyance i gave a loud 'TSK' coz she was blocking my view of the happenings on the stage. She waddled her way 1 seat away, turned her head slightly and said 'tsk what?!'.

!@#$% MUKA TEMBOK BESI man!!! half an hour late, walking slowly while blocking every1's view and she still have the guts to ask what was i annoyed about!. I was about to say something when her friend nudged her to move faster. OBVIOUSLY the friend has so much more brains than that ah soh lady. 

And there were people coming in 1 hour into the show. It was a 2hrs concert. 1hr... pfft! might as well dont come. 

Some people... BAAAAAAAH!!! 

btw, the concert was AWESOME! :) apart from all the muka tembok besis.


Adrian said...

chill lar :) ...the world works that way...anyways.greetings from Australia...

Joy said...

I wish that was me.
I would have tripped her properly.