Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In support of Earth Hour

Earth is the only place we can live on, so far (until someone discovers life form on mars, or maybe venus). Would you want to live in a world of darkness? Would you rather have a brighter future to look forward to? 

Earth hour was introduced to me when i was in Melbourne last year. It was a succesful campaign in helping to curb global warming. Email was sent out by Peter Marshall - Vice-President (Administration) after the campaign last year and it reads: 
Overall the University decreased its
electricity demand for the hour by an average of 23%. Peninsula campus
achieved the most significant decrease of 29% for the earth hour. Well
done to all staff and students who participated in this Monash community

1089 people registered on the Monash website to switch off all non-
essential lighting and equipment for the hour. Offices, laboratories,
libraries, Monash Sport and campus centres across Monash switched off at
12.00 noon in support of the global campaign to increase awareness of
climate change and demonstrate that individual action on a mass scale can
make a difference.

The Monash green website shows the individual campus results.

The results are very encouraging when viewed next to the University's
commitment to reduce energy use by 20% by 2010. Earth hour shows that
all staff and students can play an important role in energy reduction
every day by simply switching off lights and equipment when not needed or not in use.
Would you give just One hour, to save us from Global Warming? 

I know I would. 

Let us, as citizen of Earth do our part and Vote Earth.

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