Saturday, March 28, 2009

Only can happen here..

Was driving back from uni. Being bored in the jam, i decided to just snap some random pictures with my phone. 

And this will have to be the best picture of the day! 

As i was snapping away,ironically, the radio was playing the community message on MOTORBIKE safety.

They blame us, car drivers for motorcycles' accidents. 
They blame us, car drivers for not being alert of motorcyclists. 
They blame us, car drivers for driving recklessly, disregarding motorcyclists safety. 

This picture shows a motorcyclist, talking on the phone WHILE riding the bike! 

click to enlarge for better view. 
sorry for the bad photo quality. i used my phone and it doesnt have a zoom function. 

Shortly after he took the turn, he hung up, probably realising i was taking picture. 

There are so many community messages directed to car drivers to not use the phone while driving. HOW ABOUT THESE MOTORCYCLISTS? 

Motorcyclists like these are the ones that got themself into accidents! Talking on the phone while on the bike?! zzzomg.

Next picture is the picture of the 'crime scene' from my previous post. *click*
Where the Gen-2 terbabas outside Monash Uni carpark. 

Oh yeah, and i forgot to mention, that's where the traffic light was. The silver pole in the picture IS the traffic light and the Gen-2 landed nicely at that spot. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In support of Earth Hour

Earth is the only place we can live on, so far (until someone discovers life form on mars, or maybe venus). Would you want to live in a world of darkness? Would you rather have a brighter future to look forward to? 

Earth hour was introduced to me when i was in Melbourne last year. It was a succesful campaign in helping to curb global warming. Email was sent out by Peter Marshall - Vice-President (Administration) after the campaign last year and it reads: 
Overall the University decreased its
electricity demand for the hour by an average of 23%. Peninsula campus
achieved the most significant decrease of 29% for the earth hour. Well
done to all staff and students who participated in this Monash community

1089 people registered on the Monash website to switch off all non-
essential lighting and equipment for the hour. Offices, laboratories,
libraries, Monash Sport and campus centres across Monash switched off at
12.00 noon in support of the global campaign to increase awareness of
climate change and demonstrate that individual action on a mass scale can
make a difference.

The Monash green website shows the individual campus results.

The results are very encouraging when viewed next to the University's
commitment to reduce energy use by 20% by 2010. Earth hour shows that
all staff and students can play an important role in energy reduction
every day by simply switching off lights and equipment when not needed or not in use.
Would you give just One hour, to save us from Global Warming? 

I know I would. 

Let us, as citizen of Earth do our part and Vote Earth.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Library Rules #1

No one wants to know how dumb you are for not knowing how to transfer songs from one computer to the other.

No one wants to know how dumb you are for not knowing how Mont Blanc logo looks like.

No one wants to know how dumb you are for thinking Rolex is just for men.

No one wants to know what songs are playing in your ITunes.

No one wants to know where you get your stuffs.

No one wants to know whether or not you want to get an Iphone.

No one wants to know how much you'd spend on a phone.

No one wants to know what the f*** you're doing there, coz for pete's sake, we're in the fcking library!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Useless Vase should be disposed!

Here's a thought. 


Well, here's some suggestions!
  • wrap in newspaper, throw it into the bin
  • just throw the pieces into the bin
  • recycled, altho no one would want it. tested. given away, and owner took it back as no replacement was found AND no new owner wanted it. 
  • If all else fail, get Uncle Fester to blow it up... again.
No point keeping a useless Vase when it's just gonna take up the EXTRA space for a better one. The Vase is just plain useless! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today, i damn suay. 

I saw 2 accidents on the short journey back from uni. TWO!!! zzzomg. 

One right when i was exiting the carpark. First, it was jam INSIDE the parking lot because the ticket machine was broken. 

I thought nightmare was over. Note: it was oven degrees outside! 

As i exited the parking lot, there was a slight holdup at the trafficlight to turn right. My bag was in the back seat. In my bag, was my phone AND my camera. Lights turn green, and cars started moving, THEN i saw the accident! 

A gen2 was IN the bush along the road, holding up the traffic was a Kia Sportage with its bonet dented quite badly parked by the traffic lights. 

If only i had my phone OR my camera with me. but i manage to badly illustrate how the accident scene was like :D

So, after going through that hold up, there was another accident along the flyovers from Sunway to Subang. Just another dented bonet and another dented boot. 

Moral of the story is, always have your camera or phone with you, so you can capture these. is not every day you see a gen2 landed in the bushes. 

Ps: to the victims of the accident, im sorry you guys got into the accident. But at roads like that, you shud've obeyed the traffic and not go too fast. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Muka Tembok Besi

Translation (direct one, to be exact) : Steel Column Face

SERIOUSLY, some people just do not understand, or rather know the urgency of time! 

MY story. 

My family and I went for Kitaro's concert up in Genting Highlands. Showtime was 8pm, and obviously it is a known fact that YOU SHOULD BE IN THE HALL BEFORE THAT! Gates were opened at 7, or 6.30, im not sure, but knowing the amount of people that will be present in the Arena of Stars, I highly doubt they'll open the gate only half an hour before the show! 

We were in the theater about 15minutes before the show, and already the place was packed! The show started about 5 pass 8. Somehow, there are still people entering the theater 5 minutes later as though they paid for a 10 bucks movie ticket. So there we were, trying to enjoy the show, while being distracted by the brushing footsteps of people still enterning the arena! 

We were seated rather towards the side, bout few seats away from the aisle. About half an hr into the show, an EXCITING ONE, this middle age woman, no wait, middle age ah soh, came prancing in with a friend making their way to their seats which was the same row as us. It was quite obvious that they are so late as the arena were dark onli lit by the lights on stage. They made their way SLOWLY, led by the middle age ah soh, towards their seat. OBVIOUSLY WE WERE ANNOYED! LIKE HELLO, WE'RE ENJOYING THE SHOW!! mch. Out of annoyance i gave a loud 'TSK' coz she was blocking my view of the happenings on the stage. She waddled her way 1 seat away, turned her head slightly and said 'tsk what?!'.

!@#$% MUKA TEMBOK BESI man!!! half an hour late, walking slowly while blocking every1's view and she still have the guts to ask what was i annoyed about!. I was about to say something when her friend nudged her to move faster. OBVIOUSLY the friend has so much more brains than that ah soh lady. 

And there were people coming in 1 hour into the show. It was a 2hrs concert. 1hr... pfft! might as well dont come. 

Some people... BAAAAAAAH!!! 

btw, the concert was AWESOME! :) apart from all the muka tembok besis.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Daily Laughs

Decisions making by couples

Dont Work too hard

Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective made easy :p

Lose 10kg in 2 sessions

Click on comic strip to enjoy larger view :) 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away.

Title inspired by sis's pm on msn. 

zzzomg... Classes starts tomorrow. My ultra long holidays seems to have passed by in a blink of an eye and i refuse to accept it. 

Note, now, Im the saddest girl, probably in the Sad Girl History(if it even exists). On top of that, im upset, im down, im hungry and im grouchy. Bite me.

DND, let me sleep this feeling away and hopefully tmr will be a brighter day.