Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HP Webcam Driver problem solved :)

and so, my webcam is working again :)

Thanks Kx! :)

It is apparently a rather common issue among HP laptop. This usually happens when a wrong driver updates that clashes with the current existing driver.

like this:

OR driver could be outdated. So remember to update your drivers! :)

Another solution if all above fails is :

and that worked for me :)

Also, remember to monitor the functionality of the webcam for a couple of days and check the webcam occasionally to make sure it's working. This is because, based on a reliable source, the problem may persists.

ps: to HP worker/dev/manager/people,
i am not trying to condemn or criticize HP products,I love my laptop as it is, but problems like this is really annoying!

source: Forum site found on Google

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Jarryd said...


It will occasionally persist due to the way Micro$uck program Vista. Or even XP for the matter. They quietly update your computer without you knowing, even if you specifically set to not even check for update. Its a known source of 'problem' that everyone is annoyed about. Don't blame HP, blame Micro$uck. :-D