Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elaine Loke, GO PACK!

and so i was in Caring pharmacy Taipan earlier at bout 5. Was browsing thru the make-up removers when i hear a loud gasp. I turned around slowly onli to find Elaine Loke's terrified (sorta) face looking at me while clutching her purse tightly against her chest. 

s: WHAT are you doing here?
e: what are YOU doing here? 

s: buying make up remover
e: buying shampoo

s: WHAT!

e: just now i was reading Joy's blog so happily. Then i scroll lower she wrote there 'Elaine loke go pack!'. 

tahu pun takut..... 

GO PACK LA! dont waste time! 

1 comment:

lainsss said...


cis. wtf.
*grumbles.. mutters*
i need a break!!! at least i put the bolster in the suitcase adi! :D