Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3.20 am...

40 pictures edited.. siau-ness man!! 

So anyways, Febuary so far is crazi madness filled with occasional upset and tears coming on Thursday. 

Random dinner plans in New Paris

and who says 5 girls cant eat! :)

on the way to Niu Zhe Xui 

This place is beautifully set up for photo sesh! If you're not in the mood to spend, you can just come here and take pictures like crazy and no one will shoo you away! 
girls always love mirrors :)

jack skellington.. 
this, taking behind the framed cabinet shall be my signature.. 

tadaaa :) 

elaine complain that i onli take picture with cool stuff, 

so i moved on to taking pictures with er, the girl stuff... 
like flowers


flowery sign boards

and i was even caught berlaku curang with Sir Nutcracker (is now my fb display pic and nutcracker being tagged as Sern Liang)

bo beep sesat. 

They trying to goda Spiderman away from MJ

Paid 10bucks to see the FEW Disney lanterns.
my fav :)

must put this up, coz i heroic-ly sneaked behind the baricade, punched 2 holes on the platform with my heels BY ACCIDENT (i didnt know it was hollow) to take this picture. 




they gila Zac Efron

and after you're done posing and strutting and you finally realise you're tired, adjourn to the Starbucks there. 
is not like any other :)

Valentines day.. no wait, rephrase, Valentines eve dinner was at Jarrod and Rawlins. 

If you havent been there, please go. Is satisfaction guaranteed! PROMISE! :) However, do be prepared to spend coz it's rather pricey.

the ambience is gorgeous! If you're looking for a romantic fine dining peaceful quiet, do ask to sit in the Restaurant. 

if youre in a group and is a definite noise making session, ask to sit by the Bar or in the Garden so you wont disturb patrons who wants the peace and quiet in the Restaurant. 

the food is AWESOME! Every bite is satisfaction and puts a smile on your face! We were too full to have the dessert, but sources said that it is mouth watering goodness too!

While we had time to kill before clubbing with Shuf and co, we headed to Sky Bar, but the last table was taken just one minute before we came. 

Headed to Modestos for dessert.

and Passion later on for clubbing session.

with Jack , Li Ying, Shuf, Alvin

What do you think happened? 

Then, a peaceful Valentines day :) 

Dinner with my family in Puchong, desert in Gloria Jeans with dearest :)
Mango Chiller.. 

Gloria Jeans should probably pay us for the publisity... hahahAHHAA... 

Happy belated Valentines every1 :) 


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OMG!! Our secret bocor d!! Lolz!!
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