Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to Avoid Wasting Time on Facebook

Ladies and gentleman, today, we're gonna talk about 'How to Avoid Wasting Time on Facebook'.

Some people love to use Facebook to keep in touch with friends. However, Facebook seems to be set up to try to draw you in and spend (waste) more time there, and to get your friends to spend more time there. If you just want to use it to keep in touch with people, renew contact with old friends, and just maybe do some networking, here are some ways to avoid wasting too much time.

  1. Ignore requests. When someone sends you a request, you may not be able to see the full details of the request. You may wonder if it's important, or interesting. But if you really just want to check out the networks and not get completely into the more frivolous activities (playing vampires and werewolves, for example) then don't feel you have to respond to those requests. They do take time.

    • Leave a note (in your status, on your "wall...") that explains you often won't reply to most requests.
    • Remember, a lot of Facebook applications send requests to all friends by default, so your friends may not really be expecting you to respond.
    • On your "confirm requests" page, you don't have to click "ignore" on every request. Scan the page, see if there's anything of value - e.g. any old friends you're happy to heard from - and after you've approved them, click "Ignore all" near the top right.
  2. Stop the constant emails:

    • Click settings (top right) and choose Account settings, then the Notifications. Switch most of the options to "off". You may have to click Show more at the bottom to select for all applications, and you may need to do this again when you add new applications.
    • Alternatively, use an email filter so you don't get distracted by frequent emails from Facebook. Just go to the site regularly enough to catch stuff that you are interested in. Check the requests and notifications on the site itself - if you're a few days late it generally won't matter.

      • Simple filter example: filter out anything from E.g. if you use Gmail, make a filter and for "From:" enter, and in the next step choose "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)".
      • You might make an exception for emails for certain types of notifications, e.g. with the text added you as a friend on Facebook, if you don't want to risk missing friend requests. E.g. in Gmail, when you're setting up the filter, for "Doesn't have:" enter "added you as a friend on Facebook". (You can add more than one phrase using OR and putting quotes around each complete phrase.)
  3. Avoid games and third-party applications (apps). Playing games, decorating your profile, and rating your friends will suck up your time before you know it.
  4. Bring a timer with you to the computer. Whether it's the timer on your watch, or an actual kitchen timer that "dings" when the time is up, make it a habit to start the clock as soon as you get on Facebook, and get off as soon as your time is up. Fifteen minutes might be a healthy amount of time to spend on a Facebook session.
    • If you use Firefox, you can use the LeechBlock add-on to track your time spent on and kick you off after a period of time you specify.
  5. If all else fails, quit Facebook.
Which of coz, in my case, none of the 5 steps above works. All hail Facebook!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MY holidays so far...

I'm still alive, don't worry... I'm blogging at 1.45am because I do not want to fight with the internet traffic during the day..

I've been really busy since i got back. With all the sleeping and eating and more sleeping piling up, there's barely enough time to do anything else! I NEED 25hours a day, one extra hour can make hell lots of a difference, don't you think so? :) :) :)

So ANYWAYS, these are what i've been up to since i got back.
  • pretend to unpack
  • ate roti telur
  • had lots and lots of horlicks and milo
note: there are 50 pictures ahead.. in case you're wondering why it takes forever to load

Hello Kian day..

yeap, the event says it all. Hello, Kian.

clubbing legs :)



if this was before, can you imagine after?

Then, I also

meng-si lai-kan the boys

and also

meng-kuli-kan them :D :D :D

Visited my relatives.

met baby Jun Hong for the first time... SHO CUTEEEEEEEEE!!

After that, we had our belated anniversary dinner on our 13th months..
Dinner was at Bavarian Bierhaus down in The Curve. I must say, the food is absolutely fantabulous!!!!!!!!

Ham Platter or i think that's what it's called. Our appetizer. Definitely must try!

our main courses

Ultimately yumminess Pork Knuckle which my mum commented it as expensive 'siu yuk'. Well, it does have a texture like 'siu yuk' (roast pork), but i promise you, this is superbly yummie!

Seafood Pasta. This was ordered due to greediness.

and yes, the food were too much for us. BUT we managed to finished them all up!

the after pork knuckle

After a good meal, is only right to finish the dinner with a good pint of German beer.

good meal + good beer =

= happy Sern Liang

Next up, Christmas!

-pictures from Christmas eve are not being obtained yet. so be patient :)

Boxing day dinner with every1 :)


ps: Joy cabut to Singapore ON boxing day itself *hmph*

The day after, Karaoke until i lost my voice. No pictures coz too jiwang singing...

and then............

ROAD TRIP!!!!!! :) :)

Headed up to Bukit Tinggi.

there's really nothing to do there but to relax and stare at each other.

So, random pictures were being taken.

saw this on the ground while walking around the Japanese garden.. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!

so cute rite!
Spent barely 2 hours there, my dearest Sern Liang was bored to the bone... Headed on to Genting to try our luck. You know what i mean ;)

Impromptuly went for a stage show called Dreamz. It's not too bad, tho the main attractions only appeared like once. White tiger, White lion and 2 cute HUGE dogs which i do not know what they are. They had their fur/hair covering their eyes running around the stage. Too bad, we were told off for trying to take pictures of them..

After the show, just chilling at Starbucks.

NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, due to miscommunications, the NYE gang decreased in size drastically. BUT, it was still a blast!

the girls.
there were 2 cameras, thus the different eyes directions.

Joy Dear

Vonne :)

My laughs :)

Joy and Mike

this picture is so funnie!

toasts to the new year :)

Hangover aside, Sern Liang dear and I headed to KLCC the next day for dinner.

Dinner at Madam Kwan's

I have to say, definitely up to standard :)

Elainey's 22nd in Phuture, Zouk

stopped by Sky Bar for Sern Liang's friend's birthday.


he kepoh..


slowly into the night........

somehow they turned rocker with Elaine's hand.

and pictures starts to get random..


looks so wrong in every ways... :/

and at the end of the day....

still fine :)

what you think? :P

sometimes, too much alcohol can inspire a new fashion style.

using a ribbony belt as tie

Next up, superrandom Pictures, i'll leave them up to your imaginations

That's my holiday up to 2nd of Jan. :)

Current updates:
  • No more lala colored hair
  • Did not lose or gain weight
  • it's 2.30am now.
Till next time, tata! :)

ps: if you're gonna ask 'Do I miss Australia?'
the answer is pretty obvious. Altho i have to admit, i miss the shopping and the random hang out in Ryn's room and dinner time talks :)