Saturday, December 20, 2008

Filler post

Sorry, been busy shopping and eating and shopping!

while i'm away, here's a picture of my cousin... go aww-ing over him...

be right back soon!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Santa

I've been a total angel this year. I passed all my subjects with 2 Distinctions, 2 credits and 3 passes on units that i thought was really really tough. Therefore now, by requests from my girlfriends, I'm writing my wish list for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is:
  • Gorgeous good quality charm bracelet. (not those from Above or Sinma or watever cheapo shop that will turn black or break apart, literally, after few months.)
  • MORE bags (shush!! theres no such thing as too many bags!)
  • MORE shoes (altho more advisable NOT to get me shoes)
  • Nice huge necklaces (like those hanging to below the chest or just some huge pendants :) )
  • A hard leather casing for my new baby HTC (but pllleaseee... not those with the belt clips at the back. i'm looking for those just plain and nice WITHOUT the clips. and plain black will do... :) :) )
  • Ticket for 2 to Paris
  • or Ticket for 2 to Europe
  • Chocolates or candies :) (i STILL can afford the weights)
  • New laptop (coz mine just died on me....)
  • new wardrobe (coz i'm a girl)
Dear Santa,
However, please do not send me decorative or anything in the same category, for I have enough to open a store! and please do not get my Jay's cds, coz I already got them all :), except of coz if you have tickets to go see him in action, that i gladly welcome it :) :) :) :)

Dear Santa,
All i want for Christmas is for all of us to sit down and have a nice, decent (hopefully alcohol free) dinner. :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lotsa love,