Thursday, November 6, 2008

Inspiration.... Inspire me!

Joy♥. says:
i damn lazy to study

..:: sueann ::.. says :
tell me bout it
paper tmr
i got cob of corn
im thinking of peeling them and fry rice
thats how much i dont feel like studying

Joy♥. says:
don't over makan .. later sleepy during exam then gg

:: sueann ::.. says:
paper tmr mah
still can makan today
peel corn cob

Joy♥. says:
eh you! come back hereee!!
yish .. you're just like me who can find anything and everything to do besides studying as long as we put our mind to it

Inspiration OHHHHHHHHH inspiration.... Give me inspiration to study for this one.last.paper!!!!!!

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Titus Tang said...

Me too...

Mee three
Meee four
Meeee five
Meeeee six