Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mufy reunion

Loving my current playlist! :)

so anyways, that night.... was a blast!

Huntingdale station while waiting for the train.. :)

Dinner was in Crown. a place called Sante.

Sof came from Sydney

so the queue to get in was really long!

after q-ing up to get in, we gotta queue up to get our dinner..

means more picture time! :p

Pictures from around the buffet table.

wah finally, sat down and dug in.. literally....

oyster cheers!

i think maybe i stole his oyster? haha..

next thing you know.....

all full and bloated and probably another few kgs.

met up with Kent and was suppose to go clubbing, but the queue was crazy!

so we decided to call it a night then. we were too full to dance around and drink anyways...

credit goes to Pei Ryn for her gorgeous cheongsam-ish top... :) :)

1 comment:

felicity said...

hey damn nice la ur baju... i've been looking for a top like that for a very long time... either not my size of the design not nice ...
eeee.... jealous....-_-