Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chinese = from China?

WHY do everyone just assume that all yellow skinned human are from China?

Can somebody pleaseeeeeeee answer me that?

Is not that i have anything against China or anything. You could be polite and ask 'where are you from?' and not assume that ALL chinese looking people are from China. We could come from Taiwan or Thai or Indonesia or Myanmar or Korea or Japan or Singapore OR Malaysia. We all look the same anyways.

True that probably for some of us, our forefathers could have came from China, but that was long time ago. I'm proud to be Chinese.. but, aiyo... next time, dont assume all chinese are from china la. It is already over populated, dont make sink due to extreme over population la! :p

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DerekTan said...

a chinese person coming to you and speaking to you in broken malay cos... your skin looks too dark -_-..

besides.. we were.. weren't we?

note to new zealanders: we aren't the ones trashing cars and leaving them by your sidewalks, those are china chinese. ty.