Monday, September 1, 2008

a short complain....

Woke up early this morning and got ready, for the trip to visit the DARWIN battleship.... which of coz, did not happen for Pei Ryn and I, for that lady whos-name-i-dont-know, said we cant go because we did not fill up a consent-form, which btw, was NOT SENT TO US in the first place. So, anyways, the lady said we could go, if we'd print out the form that was 'supposedly' attached to the confirmation email.

tell me i'm not the only one that can't see the forms attached to the email... well, last i checked, i still do not have x-ray visions or super-ultra eyesight that views invisible documents on my monitor.

This of coz, ticked peiryn and i off and she suggested to lodge a complain letter.. Which we did, and this was their reply (not to us directly but....)

a mass sent email with the form attachment AFTER the trip this morning....

oh well...

so anyways, on the way back from uni, we saw 2 gardeners cutting the grass by the sidewalk. Pei Ryn suggested to approach them and asked if they could cut up the grass in our lawn.. They agree to help us... and this is the job they did...

Marvelous isnt it?


This is like 10thousand times better than the job done by the agent-sent gardener.

I hate my rental agent(s) seriously. They think they're so smart and oh-so-helpful, it's all an act!! Before signing the contract, they promise you the birds and flowers and anything at all will be done. BUT, the moment the contract has been signed, they are devils sent from hell! LITERALLY!!

They are ruder than 5 years old kids.
Ever heard of ANSWERING the blardy phone, or REPLYING THE DAMN EMAILS? And so they told us when we sign the contract, i quote 'Just give us a call or send us an email if there is anything wrong and we'll get right to it!'. MY FOOT!
A broken bathroom door, FILTHY and grassy lawn, a leaking tap and a garage filled with junks from previous owner (the agents said they'll clean them up). We sent 3 emails, and non were replied! UNTIL, we took drastic measures. We sent an email to Customers Rights and cc a copy to them. THEN, we get a call the following Monday for an appointment to get all these things fixed up.

They have less manners than 5 years old kids.
This was what happened.
They conducted their yearly house inspection. This fine looking gentleman came with 4 files in his hands. There is a sign that reads 'PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES, THANKS' , big and clear, in front of the door, and it definitely cant be missed. SO, he marched into the house while i stand by the door, i said 'Excuse me, could you remove your shoes?'.

He said 'Nah.. I dont like removing my shoes.' (wtf...)

Vonne's eyes widened.... I continue 'You'll dirty the floor...'

Annoyed and he let out a heavy huff, and asked 'Is this some kind of your tradition?' ( I know.. even more wtf!)

Vonne snapped in straight and said 'YES'
Reluctantly, he removed his shoes and dashed past us to proceed with his job.

Even little kids knows when to take off their shoes.

I dont know if all agents are like that, but these people that we are dealing with are giving us shits!

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