Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out of boredom and procrastination

Naveen says :
why dont you bring over one of your aussie pals to introduce to me

..:: sueann ::.. says :
engineering no girls to look at wan

Naveen says:
i must find a nice girl
chinese mix gwai loh preferably

..:: sueann ::.. says:
then imagine your babies
so cutee!
you dah lah chindian.....
nice eyes, hot bod, nice hair

Naveen says :
alot in aussie rite??
fuckin they come out looking like rojak sauce

..:: sueann ::.. says :
wont la!
i book your sons and daughters k!

Naveen says :
book for marriage ah?

..:: sueann ::.. says :
is proven k
as long as the parents are mixed, the kids will be good looking wan!
yes! book for marriage... i how oso must get one of your kids to marry mine
then my grandkids will be damn goodlooking!

Naveen says:
my parents are not mixed ahha
one is indian the other is chinese

..:: sueann ::.. says :
mix la tu
indian + chinese = naveen

Naveen says :

..:: sueann ::.. says :
so imagine rite
your kids will be indian +chinese+ang moh

Naveen says :
good mix rite??

..:: sueann ::.. says :
yeah lo!

Naveen says:
but i want a daughter la

..:: sueann ::.. says :
then my son book your daughter
dont worry, my son will be well mannered, gentleman and definitely well groomed

Naveen says:
ahahah i havent even found the girl yet and you already booking
yea i know cos his mom will be grooming him

..:: sueann ::.. says :
telling you 1st
incase the line gets too long

Naveen says :
help me find first
doesnt have to be chinese
can be any other oriental nation
taiwanese, laosian,

..:: sueann ::.. says :
i will! if the amount of girls i know, are more than you!
i think you know more girsl than me lo

Naveen says :
shit la must ask around
im getting too old already

..:: sueann ::.. says :
i'll do screening for you
coz your daughter is my daughter in law
must screen the mum nicely

Naveen says :
must get married soon, get kids soon
must pay booking fees okay

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Take Way said...

just a random by-passer:

chinese + indian + angmoh = bloodiful....