Sunday, September 21, 2008

My long awaited love.......



warning: click onli if you're interested....

nvm if you're banana, just click and let it load.. then LISTEN! his new song :)



new album cover. named 'Capricorn'.

His latest song "Fragrant Rice" will have its worldwide premiere broadcast on the 22nd of September........
Pre-orders were originally going to start on the 24th of September for Jay Chou's new album "Capricorn" and it would come out on the 9th of October..

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! *do happy danceeeee* *screams of joyyyy*



DerekTan said...

rice?.. -_-

E-Laine said...

eh. the 1st picture of him damn ugly lah. hahaha. like clown. so not nice.
the excessive make up. booo!
teehee. :P

DerekTan said...

less make up = more face

*in support of less makeup*

sueann said...

whats thissssssssssssss.... eesh..

Titus Tang said...

Hey! Found you =)

Hope you don't mind if I link

E-Laine said...

talking bad about your no. xx dearest lah.
See la you. Talk bout this no. xx dearest till your dear came complaining to me about it. hahahaa!

manda. said...

jay rules!
hey girl just wanted to say nice blog layout :)

Cool Jay said...

yay, dunno u are a jay chou fan too... haha.

Jay rocks