Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my birthday... 2008

It may not be a 3 days gala.. with so many bad news, my friends never fail to put the smile back on my face :)

Started off with a wonderful surprise from dearest :)

It came in a mail, on saturday morning :)

And a failed, but wonderful surprise from the Bettina st guys + Scze Yuen

Dinner in Squire's Loft the following saturday....

and presents!!

they couldnt wait till the day itself, so they knocked on my door the night before... :)


and on the day itself, this came in the mail

*heart* from people in Sydney! :)

i hardly ever read, so it is now decorating my lamp on my table beautifully!

thanks Joy dear, Chew and Mike! :)

Rose... my favourite :)

a birthday (burger) cake from eugene doodled on msn...

some random craving...

my best present ever..

being there for me....
Doing silly things with me...
always.. *mwah!*

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