Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Meow

I bet you missed me calling you that... :P

People, meet my fren, Kat.

JOKING!! ehehhee.. :P

Anyways, I think i onli mentioned her once, in my oh-so-emo post. That's coz she took off last December to UK, which of coz, when she came back, i'm already in Aussieland.
So anyways, this is Kat. She's constantly distracted, but she's a marvelous lawyer in training.

i think she was eyeing on my cake... :p

She's one of my oldest friend ever! Who hasn't changed at all.

tho i always make fun of your height, but you know i never mean it... :D

one taken last year, today...

miss you!!! :)

ps: i didnt reply your sms, coz i ran out of credit.

psps: please un-do your memories of Sern Liang, so when i get back i can introduce him to you as my boyfriend.. :)

pspsps: party in December!!

pspspsps: dont kill meeeeee..... :p

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