Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chinese = from China?

WHY do everyone just assume that all yellow skinned human are from China?

Can somebody pleaseeeeeeee answer me that?

Is not that i have anything against China or anything. You could be polite and ask 'where are you from?' and not assume that ALL chinese looking people are from China. We could come from Taiwan or Thai or Indonesia or Myanmar or Korea or Japan or Singapore OR Malaysia. We all look the same anyways.

True that probably for some of us, our forefathers could have came from China, but that was long time ago. I'm proud to be Chinese.. but, aiyo... next time, dont assume all chinese are from china la. It is already over populated, dont make sink due to extreme over population la! :p

Monday, September 29, 2008

This is how i feel right now...

Tulip farm

It's the start of end mid-semester break now. Too much fun = antibody failure. Not good.. hahaha... so anyways, some pictures to keep my blog alive :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My long awaited love.......



warning: click onli if you're interested....


nvm if you're banana, just click and let it load.. then LISTEN! his new song :)



new album cover. named 'Capricorn'.

His latest song "Fragrant Rice" will have its worldwide premiere broadcast on the 22nd of September........
Pre-orders were originally going to start on the 24th of September for Jay Chou's new album "Capricorn" and it would come out on the 9th of October..

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! *do happy danceeeee* *screams of joyyyy*

source: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I want my damn long title toooooo!

B.Eng(hons) Mechatronics Engineering Goh Sue-Ann

Nice rite!!

But why am I procrastinating !!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One of the many reasons i like Manufacturing

So, this was on the announcement board in Muso (online studies)

Test Venue in week 10
9 September 2008 13:54
Dear all,

Please collect your marked homework with feedback from your tutors to help you prepare for the upcoming tests.

Your manual programming test will be held in room 222 Building 36 on Wed 17 September during 1-3 pm.
Your CNC test will be on the same week during your tutorial time in the computer labs. Both tests are open book and you are allowed to bring your laptop to the tests and submit your answers on a CD, note room 222 (your venue for the manual programming test) does not have any computers.


Associate professor Raafat Ibrahim
How cool is that! I'm liking this subject even more now...for now...

And on a random note:

ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ Erwin Choi ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ says :
and i just got back from taipei i eat non stop there too

.:: sueann ::.. says :

my souvenir le?

ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ Erwin Choi ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ says:

got got but then hor... i got hungry and ate it

AND finally presenting my boyfriend

B.Eng(hons) Mechatronics Engineering Lim Sern Liang...

title so damn long.. but i love you anyways! :)

Out of boredom and procrastination

Naveen says :
why dont you bring over one of your aussie pals to introduce to me

..:: sueann ::.. says :
engineering no girls to look at wan

Naveen says:
i must find a nice girl
chinese mix gwai loh preferably

..:: sueann ::.. says:
then imagine your babies
so cutee!
you dah lah chindian.....
nice eyes, hot bod, nice hair

Naveen says :
alot in aussie rite??
fuckin they come out looking like rojak sauce

..:: sueann ::.. says :
wont la!
i book your sons and daughters k!

Naveen says :
book for marriage ah?

..:: sueann ::.. says :
is proven k
as long as the parents are mixed, the kids will be good looking wan!
yes! book for marriage... i how oso must get one of your kids to marry mine
then my grandkids will be damn goodlooking!

Naveen says:
my parents are not mixed ahha
one is indian the other is chinese

..:: sueann ::.. says :
mix la tu
indian + chinese = naveen

Naveen says :

..:: sueann ::.. says :
so imagine rite
your kids will be indian +chinese+ang moh

Naveen says :
good mix rite??

..:: sueann ::.. says :
yeah lo!

Naveen says:
but i want a daughter la

..:: sueann ::.. says :
then my son book your daughter
dont worry, my son will be well mannered, gentleman and definitely well groomed

Naveen says:
ahahah i havent even found the girl yet and you already booking
yea i know cos his mom will be grooming him

..:: sueann ::.. says :
telling you 1st
incase the line gets too long

Naveen says :
help me find first
doesnt have to be chinese
can be any other oriental nation
taiwanese, laosian,

..:: sueann ::.. says :
i will! if the amount of girls i know, are more than you!
i think you know more girsl than me lo

Naveen says :
shit la must ask around
im getting too old already

..:: sueann ::.. says :
i'll do screening for you
coz your daughter is my daughter in law
must screen the mum nicely

Naveen says :
must get married soon, get kids soon
must pay booking fees okay

Monday, September 15, 2008


Dear Meow

I bet you missed me calling you that... :P

People, meet my fren, Kat.

JOKING!! ehehhee.. :P

Anyways, I think i onli mentioned her once, in my oh-so-emo post. That's coz she took off last December to UK, which of coz, when she came back, i'm already in Aussieland.
So anyways, this is Kat. She's constantly distracted, but she's a marvelous lawyer in training.

i think she was eyeing on my cake... :p

She's one of my oldest friend ever! Who hasn't changed at all.

tho i always make fun of your height, but you know i never mean it... :D

one taken last year, today...

miss you!!! :)

ps: i didnt reply your sms, coz i ran out of credit.

psps: please un-do your memories of Sern Liang, so when i get back i can introduce him to you as my boyfriend.. :)

pspsps: party in December!!

pspspsps: dont kill meeeeee..... :p

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today in class I learned in TRC3801 how to:
  • Get the part code
  • Make families
  • Make products in the family
Best part is, this subject is absolutely 100% internals.. NO finals!!! nyahahhaa!!!!!!!!!!!
my lecture slide....

whaaaaaaaaaaattt you all thinking bout la!


sometimes, I'm so lame, i scare myself.... hahahAHA

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my birthday... 2008

It may not be a 3 days gala.. with so many bad news, my friends never fail to put the smile back on my face :)

Started off with a wonderful surprise from dearest :)

It came in a mail, on saturday morning :)

And a failed, but wonderful surprise from the Bettina st guys + Scze Yuen

Dinner in Squire's Loft the following saturday....

and presents!!

they couldnt wait till the day itself, so they knocked on my door the night before... :)


and on the day itself, this came in the mail

*heart* from people in Sydney! :)

i hardly ever read, so it is now decorating my lamp on my table beautifully!

thanks Joy dear, Chew and Mike! :)

Rose... my favourite :)

a birthday (burger) cake from eugene doodled on msn...

some random craving...

my best present ever..

being there for me....
Doing silly things with me...
always.. *mwah!*

Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning.................. literally!

fuh..... much better now that's off :)

So we cleaned up the rest of the house....

it is now squeeeky clean... and i really do mean it literally, squeeky clean :)

dont mind the garbage.. picture was taken before garbage was taken out.. :p

for the past 7 months, we did not know that the glass panel of the rangehood was removable.. until today...... it wasnt see thru before this, and trust me, you wudnt wanna see the layer of oil on it... BUT, is all good now.. is SEE THRU!! nyaha!!

Last, but not least.....
to prevent oil from splattering onto the wall and making it hard to clean, we stuck papers on it..... of coz, picture on them are selectively chosen...

our inspiration to cook

a short complain....

Woke up early this morning and got ready, for the trip to visit the DARWIN battleship.... which of coz, did not happen for Pei Ryn and I, for that lady whos-name-i-dont-know, said we cant go because we did not fill up a consent-form, which btw, was NOT SENT TO US in the first place. So, anyways, the lady said we could go, if we'd print out the form that was 'supposedly' attached to the confirmation email.

tell me i'm not the only one that can't see the forms attached to the email... well, last i checked, i still do not have x-ray visions or super-ultra eyesight that views invisible documents on my monitor.

This of coz, ticked peiryn and i off and she suggested to lodge a complain letter.. Which we did, and this was their reply (not to us directly but....)

a mass sent email with the form attachment AFTER the trip this morning....

oh well...

so anyways, on the way back from uni, we saw 2 gardeners cutting the grass by the sidewalk. Pei Ryn suggested to approach them and asked if they could cut up the grass in our lawn.. They agree to help us... and this is the job they did...

Marvelous isnt it?


This is like 10thousand times better than the job done by the agent-sent gardener.

I hate my rental agent(s) seriously. They think they're so smart and oh-so-helpful, it's all an act!! Before signing the contract, they promise you the birds and flowers and anything at all will be done. BUT, the moment the contract has been signed, they are devils sent from hell! LITERALLY!!

They are ruder than 5 years old kids.
Ever heard of ANSWERING the blardy phone, or REPLYING THE DAMN EMAILS? And so they told us when we sign the contract, i quote 'Just give us a call or send us an email if there is anything wrong and we'll get right to it!'. MY FOOT!
A broken bathroom door, FILTHY and grassy lawn, a leaking tap and a garage filled with junks from previous owner (the agents said they'll clean them up). We sent 3 emails, and non were replied! UNTIL, we took drastic measures. We sent an email to Customers Rights and cc a copy to them. THEN, we get a call the following Monday for an appointment to get all these things fixed up.

They have less manners than 5 years old kids.
This was what happened.
They conducted their yearly house inspection. This fine looking gentleman came with 4 files in his hands. There is a sign that reads 'PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES, THANKS' , big and clear, in front of the door, and it definitely cant be missed. SO, he marched into the house while i stand by the door, i said 'Excuse me, could you remove your shoes?'.

He said 'Nah.. I dont like removing my shoes.' (wtf...)

Vonne's eyes widened.... I continue 'You'll dirty the floor...'

Annoyed and he let out a heavy huff, and asked 'Is this some kind of your tradition?' ( I know.. even more wtf!)

Vonne snapped in straight and said 'YES'
Reluctantly, he removed his shoes and dashed past us to proceed with his job.

Even little kids knows when to take off their shoes.

I dont know if all agents are like that, but these people that we are dealing with are giving us shits!