Sunday, August 10, 2008

This time of the year

  • I miss my family most. Coz, we'll be planning on where to go dinner on my birthday
  • I miss my girlfriends. Coz, we'll be planning on where to go partying and dinner on my birthday. And Joy, from Sydney partying with us emotionally....
  • This year onwards, I miss my dearest boyfriend who's ever so supportive and charming.
  • I miss Malaysia's cheap but nice food.
  • I miss dress shopping
  • I miss my 3 days gala celebration... aih

i wanna go home... :(

sorry.. emo.. pre-birthday blueesss


twinbuzz said...

Wah!!! Your pre-birthday blues is so early =P

It'll be a special one nevertheless =)

lainsss said...

come i shayang you :(