Tuesday, August 19, 2008

microwave is infected...


not just one.. but the whole gang family AND friends, all ber-ritual INSIDE the microwave oven. To be exact, they were gathering around the lazy-susan inside, with an imaginary bon fire in the middle. Oh to my horror!!

i was about to reheat my lunch. as the door opens after i press the button, my eyes widen, i almost drop my lunch. quickly, i put my lunch far from the microwave, and started wiping and cleaning the inside. spraying the inside of the oven with cleaning liquid, wiping and washing.

as i thought that it was all, i poured juice and went into my room to reply the ringing msn.

Time to reheat lunch again. I did the same. open the door.... and STILL there were ants!! HOW ON EARTH!!! Did they just pop up out of no where... *faints*

so, i removed EVERYTHING from the microwave top, washed and wiped every single one of them.... and quickly pop in my lunch (with the lid on and a microwave cover) and now, *hopefully* the ants are gone...

MANN... i hate ants...

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