Friday, July 11, 2008

My holiday

Results are out, fees has been paid, holiday is coming to an end :(..
well, my holidays haf been nothing but fun. with companies of great friends and nice scenic views..:)

right after exams, of course there is the customary mall invasion!

and a lil pajama party after that...

accompanied by yumminess dessert

Su Lin's bread and butter pudding

sticky date pudding

Billiee!!! we missed youuuuuuuuuuu...

THEN! Dearest Elaine's visit to Melbourne!

at 7am on the way to Tullamarine to pick Elaine

and then at about 9am. Allan had no sleep at all the night before...

with elaine

and of coz, a customary mirror shot :)

and that's day one :)

to the vineyard!

wat d'ya know.. we heart krispy kreme :)

once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic :)

it was four years ago, where we posed this way.... i cant find the pic 4 yrs ago.. :p

i bought wine!!

all leaves fell

with elaine and catherine

it was only 5.30pm

Great Ocean ROAD!!

super exciting lo!

when was the last time you see this... old school!

our first glimpse of the beach

the lodge we stayed in

of coz, the room with the yellow bed was all mine :)

First stop there

the beach right ourside the lodge

where alcohol is not allowed..

next, to Port Campbell

part of the few apostles left...

Lorh Ard Gorge

i love beautiful splashing waves shot!

from the other side of the mountain

Thunder cave and Blowhole

the blow hole where myth says theres purple glow in the cave at night.

some weird foam right outside Thunder Cave

other scenic shots from the area :)

i love the line of light between the clouds

i love the clear blue sea

day 2 of GOR
I was making a big huha about seeing koala bears hanging on trees on the way there, but to my disappointment, i dont see any lo!

however, Justin and Lai studied the map of tourist attraction taken from the info counter, and tada....

the koala bear hunt begins!!

it wasnt easy to spot the koalas as they look like a lump of fur ball caught in the trees and they do nothing but eat and sleep. BUT, thanks to my sharp eyes (and of coz, the 4 other tourists crowding around this tree) we found a real life (in the wild) KOALA BEAR!!

I bravely crossed over a muddy drain, climbed up a little hill, putting one foot against another tree for support while the other on a slight step, to get a closer shot of this koala. this was the onli koala that was low enough for us to get a shot of. others were hanging too high up in the trees..

Now, can go home in peace d :)

Lorne Pier
could be my next favourite place to be....

FISHING!! tho i think the last time i fish was when i'm 10, but the the liking for this sport has never left me....

by the pier

the 4 guys that posed, then call me to take a pic of them...

yet another scenic shot..

the lighthouse in Fairhaven (i think)

our last and final stop before heading back home...

in Torquay.. :)

Holiday is endinggggggggggggg.....

Silly things we do for entertainment....

our new addition to the old saying

smell no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil

at the end of the day,

the result of all play no sleep....

next up! Joy's visit to Melbourne.. I'm blessed with great friends!!

ps: pictures will be up when i get them from Joy... till then! :)


manda. said...
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~LiL DoLphin~ said...

Ooo!! Looking at your pictures brings back memories!! The last time i went there was like... erm... more than 8 years ago i think... haha!! Miss ya!! *Hugs*

alLan said...

SUE! Where's my pudding?? hahaha

awww fun times!! LOL