Sunday, July 20, 2008

Joon Wei and Joong Kit's little farewell :)

The 2 guys last dinner in Melbourne. In a Japanese restaurant somewhere in Mornington.
Too busy eating, thus, theres only picture of food... :)

beef salad x 2

sushi + sashimi platter x 1

sashimi platter x 4

unagi x 4

takoyaki x 4

tofu bowl x 2

teriyaki salmon x 1

grill eggplant x 2

teriyaki chicken x 1

tempura x 2

complimentary candies

just 5 minutes after the 1st few dishes came...

such feast.. how to not gain weight!! hahaha...


sernliang said...

current weight = yesterday's weight + 5 kg


E-Laine said...

tsk tsk...
i know y got no pics of your face. COZ U DONT WANA SHOW YOUR FAT FACE!