Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It was barely even 5pm, as we drove along the roads heading back to the lodge. The clear blue sky starts to change its color to gray, and soon, it's pitch black dark. The familiar mountain roads starts to be foreign to us, when road signs starts to differ from what it was when we were heading towards Port Campbell.
All 3 of us were fast asleep, while Lai stayed up to make sure Justin doesn't sleep on the wheel. Things were starting to get really weird, Justin nudged me up to check if we're heading the right directions. Before you know it, everyone in the car is now wide awake, when we realize that we are actually lost!
Panic and fear filled our minds. The only thing that is keeping us calm, is Justin's words, telling us that there is exit at the end of the road. With petrol of less than 1/2 a tank, we proceeded heading straight without turning back.
Roads ahead were covered with fog. Road signs were barely visible as the area was pitch dark. We kept going straight, with the mindset on the exit at the end of the dark,foggy road.
No other cars were around. Probably, we were the only ones daring enough to be driving there at such condition. Nothing but trees were around us. It was literally trees on the left, trees on the right, front and back! We drove through the road, while silence filled the car. As we went deeper and deeper into the forest, there was a gate. It was wide open and covered with weeds and wild grass. Non of us muttered a word. It left imaginations run wild, as tho it will close and lock up behind us as we head deeper into the forest. A moment later, I saw movements in the trees. 'It's probably just the wind', I thought.
Suddenly, a kangaroo hopped out of the bushes and disappeared into the next one. Soon, roads were getting even more foggy. Exit C119 was the one we are heading to.
We went straight, and passed by a sign that shows 'Slippery Road', followed the road curving slightly to the right, guided with steel railings and immediately after that a slight curve back to the left where the railings ended. The roads were slightly just straight all the way, until we came to a sign that shows 'Slippery Road' again and it was really very similar to the previous turns we made. We drove through this 'routine' of turns 3 times. We all noticed the similarity, but no one said anything. Until, roads were changing, and a bright green signboard ahead of us showing 'C119'. We sigh in relieve, and laughter filled the silence in the car.

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Wow!! Sounds scary...