Sunday, June 1, 2008

Greetings from Dr. Sue-Ann

i wish la.. :p hehehee
but anyways,


My dearest sern liang who's caught with dunno wat bug. Poor thing la dear... I wish i was there to boil chicken soup for you and to drag you to the doctor or to massage your temples when you have headache..aih... BUT then rite, the symptoms are suspiciously similar to JC's! Dunno what you all did.. Some secret midnight rendevous... hehehe... Dear.. love youuuuu... get well soon!

JC! poor you... i can hear you coughing and clearing your throat from my room! Get well soon before your flight!

Kelly! Tho I've never met you... But Tien Long has been telling us bout you. Can't wait to meet you!! Glad that you're alrite now :) Get well soon!!

And to all that's down with watever sick-packages;
  • drink more water
  • rest more
  • for those who's having exams, don't over stress yourself :)
  • if symptoms still occurs and you're not getting any better, CONSULT A DOCTOR!
  • Get Well soon! :)


sernliang said...

i dunwanna see doctor lol

Gali said...

drink lot of water ...

sueann said...

dear: kuai laa... you gotta go see if youre still not getting any better. :)

Gali: thanks for the emphasis :P hehehe..