Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First time

my first exam experience in Australia. DAMN mafan lo! Why cant they have all the exams at their own campus, rather than having us travel here and there.
So anyways, i had my first trip to Caufield for exams. It's quite alrite, just that the hassle to travel here and there annoys me.

I realize that in every examination, no matter where, there is bound to be an invigilator who tends to be a lil motherly nice, one that just dont care, one that is so darn bitchy every lil things ticks her off, one that has a hypnotizing voice and is usually the one that makes all the announcements and lastly, one that is always so grouchy.

The paper was alrite. Altho i've never felt this way before, and hopefully pass la.. Trip back from Caufield was really really energy draining. Dont know if it's the long day out, or it's the weather, or could be both. But was alrite....

NOW.... bring it on! Materials and Powers....

oh btw!! youuu ah! don't do everything setengah masak la! It's damn annoying!! Finish wat you've started la!
Wat.. If you think i'm talking bout you, go think bout wat you've left unfinished, and go settle it la! If not, then you offended for wat..

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