Thursday, June 26, 2008

After exams

sorry... sorry.... i know i've been missing in action.

To all unreplied msn msges, i've been out...

To all unreplied or late replied Facebook msges, i've been out.

what haf i been up to?
CITY EXPLORATION! nyahahaha....

and for those who didnt know, i gained 4kg... shiet..

Friday, June 20, 2008

After materials

all i want is food and sleeeeepp and warmth... but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... bah!!!

best way to describe how i feel :

frustrated stressed angry annoyed disappointed!

in other words:

angry angrier angriest damn angry too damn angry.

materials effect.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

19 June 2008

Dearest Love,
Thank you for bringing the most wonderful joy into my life,
Thank you for showing me again that falling in love isn't so bad,
Thank you for showing me the way.

Dearest Love,
Thank goodness I met you, for I've couldn't be happier,
Thank goodness we saw it in each other's eyes,
Thank goodness for Monash new campus.

Dearest Love,
Thanks love, for believing in us,
Thanks love, for trusting in me,
Thanks love, for everything.

Dearest Love,
Thanks for choosing me,
Thanks for all the time you've stayed by my side,
Thanks for loving me.

Dearest Love,
Thank you again for this 7 months,
Thank you again for not getting angry when i pry you out of bed, just because,
Thank you again for being so wonderful.

Dearest Love,
Happy 7monthlyversarry,
Happy many many more to come.

I love you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

!@#$%^& cant sleep....

It's 2.40am now.

Tossed and turned on the bed for an hour and i'm still wide awake.... aih. and so i thought i could sleep early, and wake up early tmr.

so much for my semangat of waking up early....


Monday, June 16, 2008

Elvis just came back into the building

because i shall decide, today is Elvis Memorial day.

because Elvis rox!

because, i need distraction from work...

enjoy... :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


And you all think i forgot bout the hair cut i wanted last year *click*!

I'm still thinking bout it le!!

howwwwwwwwwwww..... for those of you who's too lazy to click on the click sign above, this was wat i had and still haf in mind.

so how... what do you all think(again)? should i, or should i not? *stress*

oh, dont you think AJ is just so preeeetyyy....


Current damn good distraction from studying :

Dearest love who never stopped temanning me thru the hard times of studying power...

Facebook is always there for you..


Brad Paisley :)


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whiskey Lullaby

She put him out like the burnin' end of a midnight cigarette
She broke his heart he spent his whole life tryin' to forget
We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time
But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind
Until the night

He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away her memory
Life is short but this time it was bigger
Than the strength he had to get up off his knees
We found him with his face down in the pillow
With a note that said I'll love her till I die
And when we buried him beneath the willow
The angels sang a whiskey lullaby

The rumors flew but nobody know how much she blamed herself
For years and years she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath
She finally drank her pain away a little at a time
But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind
Until the night

She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away his memory
Life is short but this time it was bigger
Than the strength she had to get up off her knees
We found her with her face down in the pillow
Clinging to his picture for dear life
We laid her next to him beneath the willow
While the angels sang a whiskey lullaby

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First time

my first exam experience in Australia. DAMN mafan lo! Why cant they have all the exams at their own campus, rather than having us travel here and there.
So anyways, i had my first trip to Caufield for exams. It's quite alrite, just that the hassle to travel here and there annoys me.

I realize that in every examination, no matter where, there is bound to be an invigilator who tends to be a lil motherly nice, one that just dont care, one that is so darn bitchy every lil things ticks her off, one that has a hypnotizing voice and is usually the one that makes all the announcements and lastly, one that is always so grouchy.

The paper was alrite. Altho i've never felt this way before, and hopefully pass la.. Trip back from Caufield was really really energy draining. Dont know if it's the long day out, or it's the weather, or could be both. But was alrite....

NOW.... bring it on! Materials and Powers....

oh btw!! youuu ah! don't do everything setengah masak la! It's damn annoying!! Finish wat you've started la!
Wat.. If you think i'm talking bout you, go think bout wat you've left unfinished, and go settle it la! If not, then you offended for wat..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

hello ms. PinkisGreen....

Who on earth would put 3.. i repeat THREE, TIGA, SAN, SAM, pieces of clothing into the washing machine and let it wash on a whole washing cycle???

Ms Pinkis Green does that.....

Speechless beyond words can explain...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Of all times

i'm down with the package. OH! they throw in a free aching body!

ooohhh... how nice.... BAH!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

True Friendship

is where you trust fully, never forget who your friends are..

This video shows a great amount of trusts and true friendship, even if it's not between humans. It's so touching!

I know is probably old news, but is truly amazing!!

read more about it here Christian, The Lion.

why my kawan like that wann..

setting me as the benchmark for getting fat..

so Elaine msged me over fb, telling me she was craving for mcd and that she sms-ed Manda. Which then she sent the msg over to me.

'i was craving for mcds. so i msg-ed manda. haha then she replied'

eh i not sue ok, i can fat one -_-

my kawans..... hahahaha.. so funnieeee

jorr.. i tot can escape!!

went to Elaine's blog, and saw my name on the tag: think 'SHIET! ignore'..
on to Sern Liang dear's blog: 'ahh... whyy... nooo.... ignore'
next was sister's blog: 'nopeeee.... still ignoring'
and JOY MUST tag me again... memang suey, like wat she said.. HAHHA..
so here goes:

1) MUST make bed in the morning
2) MUST open window in the morning
3) Hot chocolate (a good one) makes me happy
4) I like short hair
5) Winter and I, have a love-hate relationship
6) I LOOOOOVEEE my lappieee
7) I still have a baby pillow. *shy*

1) Death
2) Losing
3) Losing someone dear
4) Failing
5) Dark
6) creeeppppyyyy crawwliesss *yuck*
7) missing things.

1) Qing Hua Qi - Jay Chou
2) Qing Tian - Jay Chou
3) So Close - Jon Mclaughlin
4) Everyday - Justin Lo & Kary Ng
5) Foreplay - Fourplay
6) Forest Gump Theme (old, i know. but is good song)
7) I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin McCain

1) Haro
2) hiiiiyah!
3) harhhhhh...
4) jorrrrr
5) ha-noh
6) whaaaaaattttttt
7) whyy lah

1) Family
2) Dearest, youuu :)
3) MY girls :p
4) My bags
5) My shoes
6) My money
7) Who I am today :)

1) WALKED around aimlessly with Ben when i first got here in Australia.
2) walked entire day. not for shopping, but house hunting
3) Cooked dinner
4) Took up responsibility of adult (paying bills, groceries, rent, chores... zzzomg)
5) Experiment with recipe. They turned out alrite! :)
6) Modify my desktop to something funky! :)
7) Drive in Australia, not knowing the directions to my whereabout. HHAhA


1) you
2) you
3) you
4) you
5) you
6) you
7) whoever feels like a good distraction from studying :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dear all Gods.....

Dear all Gods,

Please dont let my sister crash my car......


dont crash my carrrrrrrrrrrrr............ pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........

with love,