Saturday, May 24, 2008

When studying...

'ey ey!! come here come here' I said, while waving my hands up in the air gesturing the guys to come over to my laptop.

'hmm.. wat wat wat?' Joon Wei replied.

'Ah mi tai zi?' Justin added.

'Comeeeee hereeee.... see this... so cuteeeeeeeeeee', i exclaimed, while pointing to this picture displaying on my laptop screen.

'omg.... foood again!!', Joon Wei said with a skeptic face

'... But is so cute rite!! Must bring your gfs there when you all go back kl k!' i said.

'go study.....' Justin said, and the rest of the guys agreed...

source: picture taken from Janson's facebook.. hehe.. it's TOOOOO gorgeously cute not to share!


~LiL DoLphin~ said...

OMG!! So cute!! Lolz!!

sueann said...

cute rite!!!
must go eat! hehehee