Thursday, May 1, 2008


checked announcement on Muso today, and guess wat (dear) i did not, well, not technically, but yeah, skip class on Monday! In fact, i'm GLAD i did not purposely wake up and go class lo! Why? Coz of this:

Make-up tutorial in Week 9:

Dear all, the tutorial session on Monday 28th was cancelled due to unexpected unavailability of the tutor (Aaron Sudholz). Aaron will be arranging a make-up session on Friday in week 9, which was originally reserved for the online test. I have been away from Melbourne since late last week for attending a workshop and I was unable to resolve this problem earlier. I am sorry for any inconvenience due to the sudden cancellation of the tutorial on Monday.


Kiyonori Suzuki - 29 April 2008 10:05

At least i dont feel so guilty now..

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manda. said...

haha your uni now sounds so much like my college .. summore i take two hours to travel last time lagi sad T_T so when the times i 'skip' then so happen class cancel wah feel damn syok hahaha

i love your shoes! the steve madden one. i wanna shopping toooo!