Thursday, May 1, 2008

Joy: your lab got observatory not ?

coz she was curious bout wat i do in class... :)

Basically, what i did today was to hook up the equipments

connect the laptop to the CRO(not in picture) and the AC drive(right) to the other drive(not in picture) to the main power supply (left white thing). Make sure the wires are so tight, that when you try to pull it, it wont come off.. in case in the wire comes off and start swinging around in the middle of experiment.. nah..i'm just making this up.. :)

the main power supply looks like this

the 1st lever with the green and red buttons is the single phase supply. it's not deadly, but you will get electrocuted if youre not careful.. whilst the other 2 are 3-phase power supply that's quite deadly la... 415 volts le!

then, after hooking all those up, we play the waiting game, where we wait for the demonstrator to check if our wirings are correct or sometimes if we're unlucky, he'll come tell us that he doesn't like our equipments setups and wirings and then make us redo them again.

so, after he says ok, we can fire them up, we just play with the knobs on the 2 drives(left and right) and take down readings from the middle panel and then do some calculations which sometimes can be damn annoying.

that's basically wat i do in lab:) oh, we're graded at the end of every session. Most the time full marks la :p

oh! and if you're not careful, you'll end up with a battle scar like this

or worse... it cud be deadlyyy.... muahahahaaa.a......

ps: is not that scary la... i just got a lil over dramatic and carried away... hehehe...

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